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Russian experts said the 35 is not su Chinese buy copycat Russia or transfer of the latest technology of Russian Su -35S fighter aerobatic Russian media said that Russia’s strategic and technical analysis center expert Vasily Kashen believes that the purchase of 24 Su -35 fighter has important significance for the development of the country’s air force Chinese. According to the Russian satellite network reported on February 3rd, experts in the Moscow Carnegie Center website published article said that the Chinese air force will not only get new fighters, but also their own research and development models and cutting-edge Russian technology compared. Russian media reported earlier that Russia dispatched Soviet -35S fighters to Syria. As a result, the Middle East will become the first Russian fighter to participate in the actual test area. In the autumn of 2015, China became the first customer to buy Su -35 fighters in bulk. Cashin believes that some Western experts say that the purpose of China’s purchase of Russian warplanes is to replicate technology, which is not true. Experts said: "the main difference between Su -35 and the previous series of heavy aircraft is related to its engine and airborne avionics, including the powerful Irbis radar. These systems cannot be replicated at any reasonable time on the basis of the available samples." He said, in addition, the 24 aircraft is only a flying regiment, so the Russian fighter will not have a significant impact on the overall strength of the Chinese air force. Reported that, in Kashin opinion, the main reason is Chinese buy Su -35 fighter is currently looking for ways to further develop its air force. Experts said: "in the last 10-15 years, the main force of China’s air force will be based on the Su -27 design of heavy fighters, such as the" -11B "," -11BS "," -15 "," -16 "." "Su -35 is a comprehensive upgrade of the Soviet -27 fighters reached by Russia," he said. The flight group composed of Su -35 fighters is likely to let the Chinese side evaluate their own achievements in the development of the basic types of -11 fighters, understand the way Russia solves this problem, and select the future path of action." According to experts, after the successful sale of 24 Su -35 fighters in Russia, it is likely to sign the joint aircraft and the supply contract for the formation of China’s new fighters, as well as technical transfer and research and development contracts to Chinese subscribers.

俄专家称中国买苏35不为山寨 俄或转让最新技术 俄罗斯苏-35S战斗机特技飞行   俄媒称,俄罗斯战略与技术分析中心专家瓦西里・卡申认为,购买24架苏-35战机对中国发展本国空军具有重要意义。   据俄罗斯卫星网2月3日报道,专家在莫斯科卡内基中心网站上发布的文章中称,中国空军不但会获得新的战斗机,还能将自己研发的机型与前沿的俄罗斯技术进行对比。   俄罗斯媒体此前报道,俄罗斯向叙利亚调遣苏-35S战机。如此一来,中东将成为首个俄罗斯最新战机能够参加实战检验的地区。2015年秋季,中国成为批量购买苏-35战机的首位客户。   卡申认为,一些西方专家称中国购买俄罗斯战机的目的在于复制技术,这是不符合事实的。   专家称:“苏-35与此前该系列重型战机的主要区别与其发动机和机载航空电子设备有关,包括强大的Irbis雷达。这些系统无法在在任何合理时间内,在研究获得的现成样本的基础上被复制。”   他表示,此外,24架飞机只是一个飞行团,所以俄罗斯战机不会对中国空军的整体实力产生重大影响。   报道称,在卡申看来,购买苏-35战机的主要原因是中国目前在寻找进一步发展本国空军的途径。   专家称:“最近10-15年内,中国空军力量的主力将是基于苏-27设计的重型战机,如歼-11B,歼-11BS,歼-15,歼-16。”   卡申说:“苏-35是俄罗斯达到的苏-27战机的全面升级。运行由苏-35战机组成的飞行团的很可能让中方评价自己研发歼-11基础类型的成果,了解俄罗斯解决这一问题的方式,并选择未来的行动路线。”   据专家介绍,在俄罗斯成功售出24架苏-35战机后,随后很可能签署联合机和为中国新型战机供应组建的合同,以及向中国订购商进行技术转让和进行研究和开发的合同。相关的主题文章: