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S Giti reform program has not been passed when uncap is still unknown Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money since the original title: S Giti reform program has not been passed when uncap is still unknown since 2005 China’s implementation of the pilot equity division reform, Chinese A shares the market here has the majority of listed companies have completed the reform of non tradable shares, but Giti S is an exception. In the promotion of the reform after more than 5 months, Giti S recently issued a notice, announced that the company did not get through the share reform program. Due to historical reasons, many listed companies in China A stock market had appeared, some part of the shares of the listed shares will not flow, a limited company governance, on the other hand also hindered the deepening of the reform of state-owned assets management system. In the process of promoting the reform, many companies have experienced all kinds of ups and downs. However, with the previous companies due to the share reform program has not been caused by the reform process is blocked is different, Giti S until April of this year before, never really put forward the reform move, which makes it become one of the current A stock market in China only two has not yet completed the share reform of listed companies. Announced after the share reform, the reform of the Giti S road is not smooth. Due to the application of suspension after long time failed to notice the specific reform plan, the Shanghai Stock Exchange in July to S Giti sent a letter of regulatory inquiries. Subsequently, S said Giti for a meeting of the board of directors by the end of August 20th, to consider the equity division reform scheme, however, S Giti eventually towed to the beginning of September announced its share reform program. According to the reform plan, Giti is the controlling shareholder of the listed company to the company Chinese will grant Fujian Giti 10.2% stake, for the payment of consideration. According to the assessment agency in 2015 the last day as the basis for the assessment of the estimated date, the value of donated assets worth about 687 million yuan. At the same time, the company will use the capital fund assets donation form 340 million shares, of which, to Giti China for about 151 million shares, to the implementation of the share reform registered registered shareholders 188 million 930 thousand shares. After completion of the capitalization, the total share capital of the company will change from 340 million shares to 680 million shares. This means that the tradable shareholders for every 10 shares will receive 11.11353 shares for every 10 shares, Giti China acquired 10 shares increase by transferring shares. However, this reform plan has not been approved. It is understood that the vote for A shares tradable shareholders, only 11.22% shareholders in favor of the reform program, the reform plan against the proportion as high as 87.56%. The 26 latest announcement shows that the top 6 shareholders of A shares in circulation, the shareholders of the relevant programs against the opposition of the ten. Some market analysts believe that the actual price is lower than expected, is the main reason for this reform plan is difficult for shareholders satisfied. 26, failed to pass the reform plan S Giti to resume trading, opening soon sealed in the daily limit price, although the market fell, but until the closing trading board has not played on相关的主题文章: