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Some Cool Activities To Do In Mumbai Posted By: Patrick Hooper Mumbai is famous for its rich history, entertainment industry, beaches, street food, ancient temples, market places, and its unpredictable yet constant humid weather. But one thing is for sure, that no one can get bored especially when you have booked a tour package with ExperienceBoxes to roam around in Mumbai. So many thrilling excursions to experience that will be so much fun and memorable.Try some adventurous activities at cheap pricesKayaking is something you must try especially when you are in Mumbai, its adrenaline rush is something else and you would not miss out on it. Having Bhel and walking alongside the beach is the old school way, try Kayaking, and you will never feel more joyous than this, fighting with the waves and getting along with them, would be strangely a satisfying experience.Go sailing with your partner sponsored by ExperienceBoxesTry sailing, in Mumbai style of course. The serenity of the sky and the quivers of water all around you, will be a fascinating experience and a must try for young couples, who are looking for something romantic in a unique way.
what to do in Mumbai Holiday In Mumbai Posted By: Patrick Hooper In the rush of the busy life of the people of Mumbai and the highly frustrating tight schedule of the livelihood of the people living in the city the people hardly gets time to relax and spend some quality time with their loved ones. The fast pace of life and the urge to grow bigger and bigger in the corporate and business world makes the people detached from the human touch and the love of the people they care about. Thus once in a while a small break from this busy life and taking a holiday keeps the body and mind at peace. This peace helps in re cultivating the true potential in oneself that will bring about changes in the hectic mindset of the people of the city. Mumbai hold the view of a large number of locations that can bring about peace of mind and body.A holiday from the regular tantrums in a relaxing place with friends and family can be very much persuasive in building a mature mind and a healthy body.
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Sailing in Mumbai Sailing Mumbai-experience Something Enthralling Posted By: Patrick Hooper Mumbai is a place which is popular for its charismatic marine drive and sea beach, the gloss and bling of high street fashion and the huge skyscrapers that line its skyline like stars in the sky. It is in such a place that people fail to imagine going too much close to nature and experience its beauty. However; things have taken a turn for the better now a days and people residing in Mumbai have been provided with a unique chance to experience something that they couldn’t have even imagined they would be able to experience in their own city and that is the experience of sailing over cool and calm sea waves. This is a perfect outing idea for holiday vacations during the winter months, as the best timing for experiencing sailing in Mumbai is from October to May. Hence; if you want to spend some quality and memorable time with your family, you should and must opt for this fantastic recreational event at least once in your life. It is worth every penny you pay to indulge in the sports.
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