Samsung’s new 1 generation tabpro s exposure take the full version of win10- Sohu digital htc802w

Samsung’s new 1 generation TabPro S exposure: a full version of Win10- digital Sohu Sammobile according to foreign media reports, Samsung tablet Galaxy  Tab  Pro  S after the listing, has been hailed as the Microsoft Surface  Pro; please contender. Now, the head of the news, Samsung’s new generation of Galaxy  Tab  Pro  S has begun to develop, and plans to release in the next few months. Samsung’s new 1 generation TabPro  S       exposure;   reported that Samsung Galaxy  Tab  Pro  S2 tablet will continue Galaxy  Tab  Pro  S design style, using the same metal fuselage design and resolution of 2160× 1440 pixels; 12 inch Super  AMOLED display. Still equipped with Windows10 system will have SM-W728, SM-W727, SM-W723 and SM-W720 four models.           Galaxy  Tab  Pro  S2 is expected to be equipped with the latest Intel  Core  M series processors. It is understood that in the days before Intel has released the seventh generation core Kaby  Lake processor (Core). According to Intel’s plan, Kaby  Lake processor under the framework of the performance of the sixth watts per generation is about 8 times higher than the performance of the network before the performance of the higher than the productivity of the application is higher than 12%. From the beginning of September this year, equipped with Kaby  Lake processor will be shipped.           although the current news shows Samsung Galaxy  Tab  Pro  S2 tablet will miss the upcoming IFA2016 show, but sources expect a new generation of Samsung Tab  Pro  S may be the same and will debut at the beginning of the 2017 CES exhibition.相关的主题文章: