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Movies-TV Just no… Stay away from this film if you know what is good for you. A weak plot, mostly poor acting, confusing and pedantic story, and awful writing are all that meet you in Sance: The Summoning. Directed and written by Alex Wright, this man needs to have his pen taken away from him. Seemingly trying to ride the media wave that films like Paranormal Activity started, Sance takes the idea of demonic possession into a morgue. Chris Olivero plays Marcus who is directing a student film to try and document spiritual activities in a sance. Throughout the film, I kept wishing I could be watching Marcus homemade movie rather than what was in front of me on the screen. Things go horribly wrong for the group of four when Eva, played by the headlining beauty Nanzeen Contractor, leads group through the first sance. They escape unharmed, but for some reason tries it again even though it is obvious the group is way over their heads. This time things go REALLY wrong and Joey, played by Bobby Campo, is possessed and kills his best friend Joey. So there are the two attractive twenty something year old girls, trapped with a twenty something year old boy who is possessed by a demon. A great setting for a predictably bad B horror film that everyone love, but Sance tries to become something more and it simply does not work. Eva and her friend, the recent Christian Sara, manage to tie up the possessed Joey and fumble and bumble their way through an exorcism. The entire last two thirds of the movie consist of Eva and Sara rounding up their courage, facing Joey with the Holy Bible and other religious items, and getting systematically ridiculed by the demons hurtful comments until they cannot take it anymore and run screaming and crying from the room. When they are not being verbally abused by the demon, the girls are debating religion and getting mutilated by inanimate objects. Alex Wright has decided to use this medium, the movie and the character Eva, to voice his religious views. Sara, who is played by Devon Ogden, is a recently converted Christian who is best friends with Eva, a Wicken. If this matchup does not seem realistic in real life, it lives up to that expectation on screen. It seems forced every step of the way and the words fall empty. Sadly, the strongest performance comes from Bobby Campo, and he is strapped to a chair for the majority of his performance. Eva is fine to look at, but her acting is forced. For the first third of the movie her voice is dubbed with over pronounced syllables. I can only assume this is due to Nazneen Contractor growing up in India and London. To her credit, her accent sounds mostly American if not a little forced. If youre bored on a weekday night and think eh, why not Ill give Sance a try dont its not worth it. The film offers hardly anything good in return for the time invested. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: