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Self driving tour of the United States   drivers should be careful to deal with strange flowers – Shandong Channel – people today many people like to travel by car in the United states. However, the United States States are not the same, you may be in violation of regulations. Jandstransport highway transportation site to sort out the wonderful rules of the state, to help you do homework before travel. For example, in New York, not in the car to take off their clothes; in Georgia, not allowed to whistle in the market; Massachusetts as "the same car" and the orangutan as illegal; Delaware is not allowed to change clothes in the car; in South Carolina, the car can not have garbage; in Arkansas, "come in speed to buy food when not on the brakes or throttle; in California, the speed is too low will be ticketed; in Hawaii, all the people in the car must wear a seat belt, but to what is not in the bucket after pickup; in Maine, can not stop in the Dumne Dole donut shop the door; in Rhode Island, the car could not carry the unopened bottle of beer; in Utah, the birds also have rights on the highway; in New Hampshire, to make way for the ducks across the road can not be stopped in the middle of the road. However, not all States are so strict compliance. For example, in the state of Nevada, riding a camel traveling on the highway is regarded as legitimate; in West Virginia, the road was crushed to the animal to take home to eat; in Texas, the car can not check the car windshield, but there must be a wiper! (Qiao Ying) (commissioning editor Zheng Puli and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: