Senior chowhound! Wuhan 95 year old dad teeth to eat local delicacy borderland

Senior chowhound! Wuhan 95 year old dad teeth to eat delicacy around 95 year old grandpa Liu hope to have a good teeth, so that we can continue to travel and enjoy the delicacy. Over the past few days, accompanied by his granddaughter, to the Central Hospital of Wuhan University, Department of Stomatology, three consecutive implants, and ready to plant a few. Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Liu Delin was born in 1921 in the granddaughter of the company, to the Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital Department of Stomatology dental implant room, the old man looks hale and hearty. Two weeks ago, he had successfully installed in the Department of the two dental implants, this time is to prepare a. When asked why you want to grow teeth, the old man, like a naughty child, said with a smile: "I would like to go out to see, taste delicious." "Grandpa love travel and delicacy, at the age of more than and 80 in the elderly alone tour travel south, 90 years old, the family also accompanied him to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, when Grandpa teeth also no problem, can taste the delicacy," Mr. Liu’s granddaughter Liu, Grandpa’s teeth have been bad, maxillary teeth only 1 teeth, 8 teeth with mandibular teeth, used to wear dentures, wearing dentures for nearly one or two years on, the family with the food slowly stew stew to eat Grandpa, do have limitations, vegetables to melon, pumpkin, this let Grandpa feel boring. Half a year ago, grandpa to children offered to dental aspirations, "Grandpa wanted to go out to play, eat delicious, we would like to meet his wishes," Liu said, she helped grandpa consulted several large hospitals, doctors are elderly dental risk, should not be planted. Two weeks ago, she was introduced to the Zhongnan Hospital, Wuhan University, Chen Jiangang, director of the Department of Stomatology found. Chen Jiangang carefully evaluate the body conditions of the elderly after analysis, the biggest problem is the lack of support for the elderly dentures, easy to fall off repeatedly. Chen Jiangang decided to "dream", the old man made a no surgery, no stitches, do not go to war for its minimally invasive treatment. First, the doctor removed the stump, and immediately planted two artificial teeth, increase the retention force, so that the removable denture is not easy to fall off, to help them better exercise masticatory function. Yesterday, Chen Jiangang pulled out a stump for him, immediately planted a new root, the whole process lasted half an hour, the elderly feel good. "Grandpa last a home without teeth what uncomfortable, he is very happy, so we also want to then a few," Liu said, after she plans to give grandpa a four or five teeth, accompany grandpa cruise to go abroad to play. She also revealed the secret of longevity grandfather: "Grandpa grew up in the Yangtze River, is a young postman, every day to ride a bicycle chuanjiezouxiang, good attitude, not love troubles trifles, don’t put in the mind, love reading, love tea things not picky eaters, eat, also do a self the activities of exercise every day before going to bed." Chen Jiangang still clearly remember the first implant in elderly patients with their admissions is 70 years old, in 1998, after media reports, the year and a 80 year old man to a tooth, in recent years, the average every year were twenty or thirty cases of dental elderly, 85 year old old man the teeth are not uncommon, but the 95 year old Mr. Liu to refresh our province dental age record. Director Chen said that with the development of the times, the old相关的主题文章: