Shen Wanhongyuan the lack of upside momentum-ricky lee neely

Shen Wanhongyuan: the power shortage of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets last week upside down, Friday the city has interesting phenomenon. From the current perspective, because this week for the Mid Autumn Festival holiday only 3 trading days, and the August economic data have been disclosed, so the short-term market is still in shock consolidation. But it is important to note that the European and American stock markets fell sharply in September, the Fed raised interest rates are expected to heat up, whether it will be a chain reaction, the formation of the A shares dragged vigilance. First of all, the market after weeks of consolidation after still can not break up, even if the line has not been able to move close at hand, done in one vigorous effort to break in line for success, is often an important symbol of strong market, market space will suddenly open, but the reality of the trend can only show the market lacks endogenous upward momentum, more "to rely on such a mentality serious. Even last week stand line last year after the volume is more and more small, seem to call others and I stand by this approach, "xueyonglanguan is not before the horse", actually still reflect the inner weakness, lack of confidence and strength of upside. Therefore, in the absence of a new strong bullish, the market should be little possibility to break up. Secondly, from the perspective of market funds, Yinzhengzhuanzhang systems display week two city net outflow of funds 20 billion 600 million yuan, is the second consecutive week of net outflow of funds. Such as monthly, August net outflow of 10 billion 500 million yuan of funds, net outflow of $66 billion 600 million in July, net outflow of $130 billion 800 million in June, the total net outflow of more than $200 billion in the last three months. In addition, the previous week Yinzhengzhuanzhang average daily balance of 14888 yuan, is the 5178 point adjustment for the first time since last year fell to 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan, indicating that the market is not only the lack of incremental funds, stock funds are leaking, this situation is worthy of attention. Again, from a technical perspective, the current market position in line is undoubtedly the most powerful resistance, as a long-term trend line and cost, control of short-term market is more powerful. From the file, this week 30 on average up to 3060 points, 60 on average up to 3020 points or more, the formation of lower echelon type support. Because at present in line and 30 day, 60 day moving average only 40 points and 80 points distance spacing is very narrow, so the technology is likely to maintain the consolidation. At the end of this week, and in August, the new credit investment, consumption and other economic and financial data have been released, although has been released from the PMI, CPI and import and export trade data, the stock market reaction is relatively calm, limited impact. But on Friday because the Fed members release hawkish speech and movement situation in East Asia, leading to the stock market in Europe and America, the United States three index fell more than 2%, will form a new variable this week, the formation of the A shares dragged down, investors should attach great importance to. This week the trend to maintain the linkage and shape of flat midline bearish trend this week between 3000-3100 hot this week in focus this week and相关的主题文章: