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Shenzhen Nanshan an upscale seafood restaurant to eat a dead and another injured traced without business qualification of Shenzhen City People’s livelihood seafood death of a disease Wu wife accused her husband to eat seafood miserable situation after the noon of August 28th, Mr. Wu told friends Lee, in the coastal city of Shenzhen Nanshan poissonii restaurant eat buffet, the buffet meal price is also really the two group purchase price is not low, it took more than and 700. Finish the buffet meal in the evening, Ms. Lee appeared the symptom of acute gastroenteritis, not only that, she was in a week after the diarrhea. Mr Wu’s situation is even worse. His wife of lady said, second days after the buffet meal, the husband not only diarrhea, get a fever. In the middle of the night, he felt the pain in his limbs. He couldn’t stand it. He went to the people’s hospital. Hospital admissions, emergency treatment for Mr. wu. But Mr. Wu’s situation is more and more serious, in the afternoon of August 31st, Mr. Wu was declared dead. What is the reason for the death of Mr. Wu? Ms. palace provides inspection report shows that the hospital clinical diagnosis of Mr. Wu suffering from sepsis, identification of Vibrio vulnificus infection. And this kind of Vibrio vulnificus, also known as marine Vibrio, is a kind of marine bacteria, seafood products are likely to carry the bacteria. This home is located in the coastal city of poissonii will cafeteria, there are a lot of raw seafood, such as crab, crayfish, shrimp, lobster, sea cucumber, peony roe. Poissonii site cafeteria official said, now the disease control, food and Drug Administration and other relevant departments have been involved in the investigation, they are also waiting for test results. This restaurant’s food business license, issuing time for this year’s September 2nd. The restaurant owner admitted that in the day Mr. Wu came to dinner, they do not have access to raw food food business license. The person in charge has repeatedly stressed that their business is to provide customers with Hot pot, not raw food, but the reporter noted, in a restaurant, a wild night sea urchin on the menu, mark eating is eaten! Consumers must choose to have the qualifications of the restaurant area market regulation introduced, this restaurant is suspected of violating the scope of operation, has been investigated. In fact, in the coastal city, the provision of raw seafood buffet restaurant is not a minority. Many customers at the time of consumption, just look at the restaurant decoration and various high-end restaurant dishes, do not care whether they have raw food products and qualification. In fact, raw food products, especially seafood processing has strict hardware requirements for the high requirements of the health environment. If consumers want to eat raw food, be sure to choose a qualified restaurant.相关的主题文章: