Shenzhen street sanitation workers robbed 180 pounds of the bus driver was wounded in combat e2140

Shenzhen street sanitation workers robbed 180 pounds of the bus driver in September 25th 2016 is the wounded to bus travel awareness week at the end of the day, the bus driver to the M435 road group financial security is very hurt, not only fell on the ground, covered with plaster, and the left hand thumb torn bleeding, right elbow and right knee smashes. The reporter learned that, in the afternoon around 14:30, in the car waiting for the departure of the Silver Lake Station Road to the M435 driver Anzai suddenly heard someone shouting: "robbery, robbery……". He reflexively rushed off to see aunt next to the cleaners at a man on the run out. To master without thinking rushed forward grabbed the man’s clothes, trying to break free, robbery suspects to take down the master. The height of nearly eight meters, weighing more than and 180 pounds to the master fell on the ground, robbery suspects also a reel. When the two sides deadlocked, M435 road assistant captain Tian Wenjie has rushed out of the office. Tian Wenjie immediately put his hand mobile phone was robbed of the sanitation workers aunt, she rushed to the police, and then to catch robbery suspects, finally in riding a bicycle passers-by assistance, robbery suspects did not run out how far they captured, the police rushed to the scene and give treatment. Sanitation workers aunt robbed back his mobile phone, very grateful to master Tian Wenjie, assistant and riding a bicycle for pedestrians. Reporters learned from the bus group third branch, to the master is a warm-hearted man in Sichuan, colleagues in the eyes of the master is a happy man. Since 2009, since the entry of the bus group, a total of dozens of good deeds, often praised by the passengers. The injured, the company leadership, for his behavior point praise. Shenzhen evening news reporter Liu Feifei correspondent trainee editor Li Yitian,相关的主题文章: