Sichuan Zigong a man o.d.s. to self immolation armed confrontation with the police jingfangxi-cibi

Sichuan Zigong a man o.d.s. to self immolation   armed confrontation with the police jingfangxingju society Beijing 12 September, according to the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau website news, because of the long-term drug hallucinations, who lives in Sha Ping Lee Moumou threatened to self Immolation, and food to put gasoline drums of motorcycle fuel tank, scared wife alarm. When the Itakura police station rushed to the scene alarming, but Lee was holed up in a house armed confrontation with the police response alarm, high-tech police quickly mobilized police 10 minutes after the success of their uniforms. At present, Moumou due to illegal possession of firearms, violence hinder the execution of official detention. Wife husband threatened to alarm gasoline get you quickly come to my home, Li Moumou hallucinations after taking drugs, threatened to use gasoline now put gasoline immolation……" About 9:30 in the morning of September 1st, Itakura police station duty room received a flood of area residents call, her words speak some tension, not agile, fear will lead to serious consequences, I hope the police to the scene to conduct timely disposal. Hung lee mouth so was her husband, 46 years old this year, there was a more than and 80 year old mother, the family lived in shaping Street resettlement housing two. Moumou no fixed work, suffering from serious infectious diseases, there is a history of drug trafficking, because of repeated theft, drug use by the public security organs of criminal and administrative penalties. Because of the long-term in the home of methamphetamine, hallucinations after repeatedly chopper chase neighbors, have set fire to items at home. Because the area of the people’s lives and property caused a great threat to the surrounding neighbors of their behavior is very hate. Because of its special status, the police station is very familiar with the situation and understand. "He often takes the government land requisition compensation is not enough to the street on the grounds, repeatedly vexatious, and disturbing the order in the office." Wang Jianguang, director of the police station recalled. On one occasion, Li Moumou also carry two steel pipes to the street office to make trouble, because above the wound with a cloth, was mistaken guns, scared alarm. "The police police police, auxiliary police also suffered minor injuries." After receiving the alarm, police station deputy director Wang Qi led the police Zhang Zhi and two auxiliary police officers to the scene for disposal, and bring the shields, fork, batons and other tools. "We came to the scene, saw Li Mou is drug use tube drain the oil from the motorcycle, and then placed in a 10 liter vegetable oil drum." Police Zhang Zhi recalled, he has put a full two barrels of oil to go home, and put the third barrels of oil." See the arrival of the police, Lee ran away, side toward the house ran wildly, evenwantonly. The police then chased. The disposal site armed confrontation with the police to catch the door, Lee put the door closed. "There is an old mother and his family, we worry about him after taking drugs to take drastic action, if the gasoline ignited the consequences be unbearable to contemplate not only a threat to the safety of his family, but also a threat to the neighbors." Zhang Zhi said, in the doorway propaganda ineffective, they are fully prepared, finally take the break into the Lee family. Just a door, Li Moumou excitedly rushed out from the bedroom, hand holding a homemade pistol is loaded, starting with the same)相关的主题文章: