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Trump: people do not accept the Silicon Valley giant fierce protests calling for calm upset Trump won the election Sina Technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley Trump had won the election, was elected the new president of the United states. The news not only for all Hilary’s firm support of the mainstream media by surprise, also let the faithful follow the Democratic Silicon Valley into a stunned and confused: why is that? The streets of Silicon Valley are unable to accept the reality of the second day after the election, the atmosphere of disappointment and anger enveloped the entire Silicon Valley. In many technology companies, the working atmosphere is unusually heavy. Many people feel depressed, eyes red, especially some female employees; see Hilary delivered a speech in the election and could not help but shed tears. On the other hand, in the bay area city of San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, hundreds of people took to the streets for two consecutive nights Trump elected. They shouted "Trump is not our president," the slogan, holding the "we do not sexist" slogan. Some of the protests even broke up the riots and violence, as well as the burning of the American flag, the police had to arrest some of the extremist protesters. The protests were out of control and the police were forced to intervene in the same heavy scene in New York, Washington, Boston, Seattle and other areas of Hilary. In many universities in Boston, some teachers have some support for Hilary Speechless choke, leave some closed, some even directly in the classroom. Berkeley in the University, students are the main force of the streets, they lit candles, said he lost grief of American democracy. More exaggerated, some Silicon Valley people such as Hyperloop technology, One (ultra high speed transportation technology Tesla CEO musk advocate) founder, Uber · Pushwar Chervin investors (Shervin; Pishevar) even said publicly to independence through the bill, will California separated from America, and even got a lot of people in Silicon Valley. Of course, this is just a fantastic idea, pure belong to vent discontent. Silicon Valley people can not understand why Trump such populism will get so many state support? They are more worried that after Trump, will change the current H-1B visa policy, trade protectionism will affect the export prospects of the technology industry. Why Silicon Valley hates Trump’s electoral system is one of the cornerstones of American democracy. Although Hilary won more popular votes (mainly because she was in several states with large populations is very obvious advantages), but Trump is in the fierce competition to win a few key swing state, so that the winner of the electoral votes to win the election system. Respect for the rules of the game is also the basic principle of American democracy. Despite the disappointment of losing the election, but Hilary is still in accordance with the usual call to congratulate Trump, also called on the public to open the minds of the people in the election of President elect of the United States, Mr. Trump. Trump is also the first time to repair the relationship with Hilary in his victory speech, expressed hope"相关的主题文章: