Silver soul director sell thousands of discs simply can not return this face gossip

"Silver soul" director: sell thousands of discs simply can not return this as directed "gintama" director Gao Songxin recently in our Twitter status on the industry often tucao. Earlier, he criticized some companies are gambling, but the effect is not good. And recently, he suddenly from the TV animation of the preservation line perspective, said: sell thousands of discs can not return to the original. On twitter, Takamatsu said that the current night animation about a quarter of the production costs of about 150 million to about 200 million yen, which is produced by members of the committee to pay the production costs. And only return to this, we can profit from it. Many people said: "as long as the first volume of the work can sell thousands of pieces, then it will certainly be out of the second quarter!" But this idea is wrong, because when the first volume sold thousands of copies, only recovered part of the production costs nothing, it’s still too early to return to the. In this regard, a lot of friends commented: I thought it was the volume of sales volume, the first volume has just sold a few thousand, of course, can not be identified immediately in the second quarter!" "But if the first volume can break ten thousand words, the next is not bad to where to go?" "So in the end when can we change this by selling the dish back to the state?" And more news about the industry, Tencent animation will continue to focus on. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: