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Snow cool ice roads Changchun Qi attack will officially open the umbrella mode of citizens in the winter rain in winter. Shi Tianjiao has just spent two days to feel the warmth of a pleasant time, rain and haze came to Changchun in November to join the fun. Recently, the weather changes Changchun is somewhat unpredictable. 18, the reporter learned from the Changchun Meteorological Observatory, the city will once again usher in significant snowfall weather. After the snowfall, Changchun city will officially enter the meteorology sense in winter. "Hit" the spring rain haze hazy 18 Tim 7 pm, many people found early, the sky overcast with "face", the scenery outside the window into a gray mist, from time to time of dense rain fell on the wet glass. Looking ahead, far from the road and the vehicle can only see a row of partly hidden and partly visible, fog lights and double flashing lights in the slowly moving. At 7:30 pm, the reporter saw a lot of Shun Hing near, people wearing a down jacket, wearing masks and hats, hand holding an umbrella. Why is it so dark? Get up late in the morning, send the children are late." A daughter in kindergarten parents to come up with a paper towel, constantly wipe the child down coat was the rain soaked place. Reporters learned from the Changchun Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau website, 10 am, the city’s ambient air quality index AQI was 156, air quality level 4, moderate pollution, the primary pollutant is PM2.5. Weather conditions are not conducive to dilution, diffusion and removal of air pollutants, which can cause moderate air pollution. The reporter then interviewed Changchun meteorological station Liu Haifeng. "18 in the morning, the air humidity and ground cooling effect, the downtown mist, moderate air pollution." Liu Haifeng said that 17 night air quality to reach severe pollution, is expected to gradually improve in the afternoon of 18, after the snow weather on the 19 day, the fog will be significantly dissipated. Snow and cool out to be cautious at 11:30 PM, Changchun Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning signal: snow is expected in the next 24 hours affected by rain and snow, the city road will have ice or snow, have a greater impact on traffic, Meteorological Disaster Reduction Committee, city defense headquarters jointly to remind the relevant units and the public good, please to prevent travel, pay attention to traffic safety. 15:30 Xu, with the outdoor temperature is getting lower and lower, part of the road has been frozen. The morning or "gentle temper" drizzle, turned into a hostile afternoon rain "". Many people through the phone, circle of friends and text messages sent to friends and family friendly reminder. Public Liu sent a video to the newspaper news hotline, he said: "the Changji expressway, especially the slide, don’t go……" Reporters saw in the video, in less than 200 meters on the road after a spate of accidents, the scene is cluttered. A silver car will come near the roadside fence 3 meters long opening, in front of the body after the reversal, serious deformation, the ground was covered with pieces of the body. The collision in the car on the left side about 3 meters away from the roadside green belt and there are three cars, including a van with a white car "back to back" stuck together, another Mei相关的主题文章: