So why all the low wages of civil servants to the test sweets parade

So why all the low wages of civil servants to the test? Why is everyone so low salaries of civil servants? For many ordinary people, college entrance examination, PubMed, the civil service exam has become several exams necessary in their lives, and only one purpose: that is to get better jobs, better living standards. So, why the salaries of civil servants so low you are to do? Civil servants and college entrance examination, fair, justice, open one entrance to "grass root people become the only way which must be passed NB retrograde", so a lot of people for the college entrance examination and. For many ordinary people, the civil service exam, like the college entrance examination, as long as the effort can be achieved by means of. We all hope to enter the name of the enterprise, but the name of the enterprise recruitment conditions often require 985, 211 graduate students, English level of over 6, and even tend to overseas students. For an ordinary family, the average person in terms of qualifications, may not have entered the interview stage resume was down. However, as long as the civil servants to reach a certain standard, ordinary school undergraduate students, with or without work experience can enter oneself for an examination. Select the civil service exam, you can change those who do not have a brilliant resume, the school in general, suffer from workplace discrimination of the first round of the fate of the brush. You can stand in a more fair starting point, the written examination and interview. The annual graduation season is a few happy tears of civil servants to provide employment opportunities for the majority of popular professional students. Joy is often students who are learning IT, communication, science and technology, because they have a good sign of the three party, to find the first job in life; sorrow is often those who study journalism, history, language and philosophy Chinese, liberal arts students, because of their relatively low barriers to professional, professional enterprise the application is not strong, employment pressure. Naturally, these popular professional employment tend to the civil service exam, because many grass-roots civil servants professional ability does not need to be high, as long as the conditions are met, the examination qualified interview, after careful, will be able to get a decent job relatively stable. For these jobs popular arts students, than their resume, go to the sea to find a thousand 2-3 enterprise work much better. The wages of civil servants is not low although the average salary has been deep northward in more than 8000 yuan, but first-tier cities often earn more expenses, a monthly salary of 10000 programmers do not live in comfort than earn 5000 civil servants. Although many people think that civil servants (clerk based post) salary level is low, but there are still many basic positions such as administrative, clerical and other manpower, wages are hovering in the foundation 4-5 1000 There are plenty of people who are. Compared to these posts, in the same basic positions in the civil service is in the middle level in first-tier cities, even in the two or three line of the city wage level in the superior, become the eyes of others envy of high paying jobs. Outside the five social insurance and one housing fund, good benefits to the explosion of ordinary enterprises, a lot of people’s welfare and only five social insurance and one housing fund (pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance)相关的主题文章: