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Business Numerous facts about the correct usage of power tool batteries go on circulating around the tool industry. The different ways to maintain and optimise tool batteries need to be learnt also. A power tool battery is a vital part of any power tool. An investment made on this is worth and add life to your power tool also. Let us clear some of the myths which are prevailing regarding power tool battery. 1) Frozen batteries Usually craftsmen knowingly or knowingly damage their batteries while trying to maintain it. Most often they keep it in freezer, which is not to be done. Keeping them in dry place at room temperature is most suitable and the best thing to do. Freezing the battery will not help but on the contrary it will spoil your power tool battery. 2) The higher voltage battery It is usually believed that high voltage battery is the best. But, it is not always true. The performance and life time of the tool battery depends on tools motor, transmission and other power producing elements also have enormous effect on how well power tool battery transfers energy into the working parts of tools. Each part of the tool plays a pivotal part in energy transfer from battery into your tool. Even though high voltage batteries are powerful, it is important to take care that the tools used are of high quality to get high quality performance. 3) Battery Memory Effect The term Battery memory effect explains that the battery remembers how much charge has been used and then starts taking in that much energy only from the charger. This problem is slowly diminishing due to new technology. Most of the users repeatedly charge up without the first being fully used up. Hence, this problem arises. But, with the advancement of battery technology the problem is gradually lessening. Then also, it is advisable to recharge the battery when it is not performing properly as charging the battery when it is totally depleted is dampening to the battery. Hence, charge it when it shows slow results in your power tools. Hence, knowing these important facts you can add more life to your power tool battery and it will last for longer time. If you want to know more about different types of power tool batteries and where they are used then just visit power tool battery site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: