Some suggestions for women over the age of 35 second child! Sohu –

Some suggestions for women over the age of 35 second child! Sohu – maternal women in natural fertility after the age of 35, began to decline, though still birth, after a lot of 40 year old female. But usually, most of the women in the premenopausal years have completely lost fertility. Although the assisted reproductive technology (ART) can solve the problem of family many infertile couples, but doesn’t make up for all the family regret, IVF female age is too large, the diminished ovarian reserve, is the main reason for IVF failure. All women should know the elderly caused by objective facts fertility, gynecological doctors have a duty to every family planning after the age of 35 women were related to science and education, the characteristics of inform female body biological clock. 1, women over the age of 35 need to know that their chances of pregnancy was significantly lower than that of young people in 40 women over the age of each menstrual cycle is only 1100 chance of pregnancy, if not actively try 6 months pregnant, more positive reproductive medical expert consultation, medical assistance necessary. 2, for women over the age of 40, the risk of pregnancy, doctors have a duty to inform the elderly mother consists of a relatively high risk of miscarriage, increased risk of pregnancy complications, such as caesarean section, diabetes, intrauterine growth retardation and low birth weight infants, screening and the need for certain diseases in pre pregnancy, such as diabetes and hypertension. 3, if conditions permit, both sides to conduct a comprehensive physical examination including pre pregnancy check. Obstetrics and Gynecology should include: gynecological examination, cervical cytology screening (currently TCT), uterus and double accessories of B ultrasound examination. If economic conditions permit, it is recommended to screen high risk HPV and TORCH detection. 4. Plan to start taking a 0.4mg of folic acid every day for the first three months of pregnancy until after a successful pregnancy of up to 3 months. If you are pregnant, no advance folic acid supplementation, as long as not extreme eclipse or severely malnourished women, don’t panic, timely start taking it. 5, for menstrual regularity of women, from the last menstrual clean, maintain regular sexual life (2-3 weeks) to help increase the chances of pregnancy. The 6 day before ovulation is defined as "the window of pregnancy", and if you can keep the 1-2 for the next 6 days, you will get the maximum chance of conception. 6, if less frequent sex life, both husband and wife, or a party to travel frequently, some recommend appropriate grasp the method of predicting ovulation, ovulation test strip used for example measurement of basal body temperature, etc., to improve the pregnancy rate will be helpful. 7, once a successful pregnancy, prenatal examination should be conducted as soon as possible, over the age of 35 pregnant women in medicine known as high-risk pregnancy, childbirth has increased the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in fetal malformation, three months before the start of prenatal examination, the doctor gave sufficient time to discuss with you and provide prenatal diagnosis for you (for example, NT measurement or, villus biopsy, Down syndrome screening and necessary amniocentesis, early detection of fetal chromosomal abnormalities). 8, health.相关的主题文章: