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The Song Dandan family happiness tips: women can bully men — entertainment channel, recently, Song Dandan at micro-blog’s recollections of mother, mother and daughter are hand in hand of the screen to make tens of thousands of users have a message mourning cry, at the same time, Song Dandan family life loving mother and dutiful son, also won the praise of users. Ying Da and after the separation, to start a new life, and the harvest of a section of their own happy marriage, Song Dandan. To maintain family harmony Road, except Song Dandan himself frank and honest character, the Oriental TV "The Legendary Swordsman", Song Dandan published several "gold good word" also can be seen in one or two, a woman can bully men ", seemed to discover the secret of Song Dandan sweet happy marriage. In the "The Legendary Swordsman", Song Dandan on the players always magnanimous, a "mother" state, which often angered Feng Xiaogang quite dissatisfied". But when Song Dandan and Feng Xiaogang disagree, "tit for tat", Song Dandan also took out the "Rites" of the wind, every phrase a gem saying "after extremely elegant and valuable, Pingdao the crooked truth said let you feel the truth", let the Pingdao flew no temper. By Song Dandan bully boys can be more than one Feng, the most injustice is undoubtedly the husband of Song Dandan. Before the "sister" in the mood for the show, Song Dandan wrote a letter to Song Dandan husband, wife, filial piety good speech touched me, at the same time, Song Dandan is the daughter of the state "thank you can always forgive his wayward husband. In the "The Legendary Swordsman" program, Song Dandan once again talked about marriage, "a woman can bully bully men, this is normal." Look, on weekdays, "and" Song Dandan no less "bully" husband. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: