South Korean coastguard said the ongoing investigation of Chinese fishing fires-drop dead diva

South Korean coastguard said the investigation is on the original title of the event China fishing boat fire: the South Korean coastguard said the ongoing investigation of Xinhua news agency, Seoul in September 30, the event China (reporter Yao Qilin Jin Haomin) the fire boats Mokpo Korea maritime patrol security agency told Xinhua 30, he is now on the occurrence of 29 Chinese fishing boat caught fire incident survey. South Korea Mokpo maritime patrol security agency said 14 Chinese fishing crew were rescued is accepted South Korea maritime police investigation, victims of the remains of the crew is the temporary placement of a funeral home in the city of Mokpo. According to Yonhap reported that the accident occurred in the Seoul time 29 days morning at 9:45 PM, located in the waters near Jeonnam Xin’an county. Mokpo police on a Chinese fishing boat for boarding, because the cockpit and engine room was locked, the maritime police team broke the glass cockpit and fired 3 sonic bomb, then fishing boat caught fire. It is assumed that the sonic boom may be the cause of the fire. Mokpo police after the fire, found 3 crew remains in the engine room. Mokpo police said 3 people died of suffocation due to fire smoke. The Chinese fishing vessels have been towed to Mokpo police terminal. Chinese Consulate General in Kwangju, 30, told Xinhua News Agency reporters, the Consulate General is to understand the situation.相关的主题文章: