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"Sparrow" premiered Li Yifeng Wu Yunfei into aspect users: Man – Entertainment Sohu recently, Li Yifeng, Dongyu Zhou, Zhang Luyi and other stars starred in the youth idol Spy Drama "sparrow" is Hunan TV hit. The night of September 5th Premiere is to obtain a good ratings and audience acclaim, won a good reputation. The drama played by Li Yifeng Chen, who after the mind deep, cynical, dual character is more prominent Li Yifeng superb acting. In contrast to suit and coat and other clothing, Li Yifeng in the spy drama still maintained a high value of Yan idol. Many users like the "manly" and "acting and the yen value are online". Acting as an actor, acting is crucial, and Li Yifeng with the sparrow, the strength of this work is to rely on the performance of the actors acting. Wu Yunfei plays the role of Tao Dachun, he is a man who is a very good actor. In order to "sparrow" this drama, he also secretly spent a lot of effort to practice the body, pay a lot of time and energy. Maybe many people don’t know Wu Yunfei, but the people who read the novel all know the importance of Tao Dachun in the story. Wu Yunfei is a very experienced actor, starred in many television dramas, such as "3", "Ma Dashuai rural love story", "big change" of Sino Japanese dream, this drama is his first spy film. Wu Yunfei was a student at Beijing Film Academy, received professional training, in the "country love story" this work was able to worship Zhao Benshan as a teacher, to become a disciple of Zhao Benshan. The period of the Republic of China military role actors requirements are particularly high, Wu Yunfei can "sparrow" in talent shows itself as a hot blooded man role, naturally has his unique charm, but also hope that we can look forward to his brilliant performance in "sparrow".相关的主题文章: