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Spirituality Spiritual growth often .bines science and mysticism. Any spirituality information concerning the origins of the universe must take into account both of these fields. Your spiritual quest will be enhanced by the information contained herein. Our scientists can trace the origins of the universe back in time and they tell us that everything that makes up the universe came from a huge explosion of energy about fourteen to fifteen billion years ago. This is called the BIG BANG THEORY and it is the most widely held theory about the origins of the universe. So for our discussion in this article, we are going to accept this scientifically documented theory and, by doing so, we must agree that everything that exists, the galaxies, the stars, the planets, the moons, the oceans, the mountains, the plants, the animals, the air we breath, you and I and everything that exists came from the source of this BIG BANG. This is the premise of the BIG BANG THEORY and it is perfectly logical that everything that exists came from the source of everything. Now, this source of everything is what most people in the world call God. You can use many names to refer to this source. You can call the source God or Allah or Jehovah or Nature or Jawah or Brahma or Elohim or Life or many other names for this source of everything, but for our discussion in this book we are going to call the source God. Now this God, this source of everything, is neither male nor female, but rather both male and female and everything in between, so for our discussion we are going to use both genders when we speak of God. We understand that the BIG BANG THEORY tells us that everything that makes up the universe came from a very small dense amount of matter that burst into being that kept expanding and, from what our scientists tell us, is still expanding today. Our first question of importance about this BIG BANG is where was God residing prior to the creation of the universe? What space was she occupying and how was that space defined? Prior to the creation of the universe, this process we call God, occupies (a concept we will use for the sake of clarity) a space that we are going to call the realm of the absolute. This God that existed prior to the creation of the universe is the same God that exists after the creation of the universe. There is one source and that one source is what we call God. Much of our thinking, as humans, would have us picture this God as being human like in appearance. This would only be partly true. The omnipresent God that we have been told about in our philosophies can indeed take on a human persona if she desires, but that would not be an accurate description of God. A more accurate description would be one that defines God as an infinite intelligence that is everywhere. It is here, it is there, and it is everywhere in between. God is all things seen and unseen. God is in all things physical and nonphysical and metaphysical. This all-en.passing description of God as a universal energy that flows through all things is critical for you to grasp and accept. Our scientists have been assigned the noble task of understanding the universe and how it works. They have poked and prodded the nature of things and the conclusions that they are bringing us all point toward the same thing. They are telling us that whatever they observe responds in a manner that is in alignment with the intentions of the observer. Each atom, subatomic particle, proton, neutron, light wave, light pulse, or any other object being observed seems to have its own intelligence that responds to the objectives of the observers. Einstein tells us that if we truly want to understand how things work we must look deeply into nature. Nature is another way to describe God. So our scientists, as well as our theologians, tell us that there is an intelligence that is part of every single thing that can be seen and observed as well as the unseen and unobserved. They tell us what all of our greatest spiritual masters have told us. All of our most revered spiritual teachers, people such as Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Abraham and many, many more all taught us that God is in all of us and that God is present in all things. Our most venerated spiritual teachers and our most esteemed scientists are all telling us the same thing. There is a universal intelligence that flows through all things seen and unseen. This universal intelligence, this infinite energy that flows through all things seen and unseen, is what we call God. It is important that you .prehend the universal nature of God and think of God more in terms of being omnipresent rather than as a single entity. What we want to do here is go outside of our normal range of thinking. We want to do as Einstein told us and change our way of thinking and think different thoughts. Sometimes you have to be out of your mind or at the very least out of your .fort zone to truly evolve and change the way we expect your future to be. Think of yourself as an explorer on a great adventure. This adventure is full of great rewards and riches that only you can imagine, because you are going to determine what those rewards and riches are as they show up in your life. You may reward yourself with that most precious of .modities, inner peace, or you may wish to be rich in the ideal of brotherhood with all of mankind. Natural abundance will be reaped upon you as you reveal to yourself the treasures of conscious living. All treasures of this earth, in both the physical and metaphysical realms, are available to you if you but wake up to the knowledge that every fiber of your being is imbued with the infinite intelligence of God. So, I want to thank you for viewing this material with an open heart and an open mind, free from any preconceived ideas about how you have viewed the life process and what it means to be who you really are. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: