Summer box office summary 12 billion 400 million box office, failed to record poper

The summer box office summary: 12 billion 400 million at the box office, could not record Tencent (text editor Zhao Zhenzong entertainment Zhuangao Jie Zi) "first set a can achieve small goals, for example I’ll make it one hundred million." Hear Wang Jianlin’s famous quote, it is estimated that a lot of film circles have to cry in the toilet. Just past the summer stalls, the release of the film up to 100, which can be behind the scenes of the big brother dare to jump out of their own to earn enough to say that the one hundred million? Even if there is also very rare. With the September 1st 0 bell, 2016 officially declared the end of the summer. According to statistics, the National Theater summer stalls total box office is about 12 billion 400 million, unchanged from last year. Record year after year, this year is not the same." There is no growth in the summer, it is the first time over the years. From the beginning of July, this year, the box office is expected to slow growth, has become the consensus reached in the film circle. For the film industry practitioners, this is not a blessing. After all, money is not so good. But for the movie king such as the general audience, slowing down is probably a good thing, this shows that the "big wave gold" era, dare to hit movies in the hot money less, the probability of bad shot out of the nature is not so much. In fact, in addition to the general audience, in the long run, the Chinese film market bubble to conduct a film for the practitioners of the industry is also considered a good thing. Slow down the growth rate, to drive away the only film "speculators" fish, for the original film creation and investment, and the consumption of the audience enthusiasm, no influence. You said right? Results: the summer of 12 billion 400 million at the box office record, no official statistics show that as of late August 31st, the summer of this year (June 1st -8 31) at the box office 12 billion 370 million yuan, count the statistical error (part of the theater has yet to report that night at the box office), estimated to reach 12 billion 400 million yuan, the flat in 2015 summer. Used to write the "record" the draft movie king, this can responsibly tell you: the summer of this year no new record was born. Although in June and in the same month in January, a slight increase in the month, but by the month of 18% in the box office in July, a negative growth of negative drag, this summer is not the first time in more than five years to reach more than 35% growth. Is called, there is no comparison, there is no harm to each other, in July the 4 billion 510 million box office results were originally the highest single month results in the year, can be placed in the history of the data on the was despised as a slag. Compared to July last year, 5 billion 510 million single month box office, this year’s single month gap of up to 1 billion in July. In fact, the overall look three months at the box office is not too low, go back to the past five years, in 2011 the country’s total box office in only about 13 billion 100 million. Five years, the results of the 12 months, reached in 3 months. But this figure does not allow too many investors satisfied with the film circle, after all, the trend has been so. We look forward to is more like "king return" that summer horse miracle, as well as "mind" that domestic catch demon explosion monolithic box office about 2000000000. Then the 100 film collective into summer release, but no one can predict the ultimate exclusively owned office data change.相关的主题文章: