Sun Li complaints led to a light rail stoppage in Shanxi Field survey the Department of

Sun Li complaints led to a light rail stoppage in Shanxi? Field survey: the Department of misinformation Sun Li (information) entertainment news in Shanxi filming Sun Li in 18 issued a document on the hotel near the site of nuisance complaints, caused widespread concern, more complaints that Sun Li is a local light rail project and lead the project to move to shut down, Sun Li was criticized more. Today (24 days), the media went to the field survey, "Sun Li complaints LED light rail suspension" misinformation, disturb the rest Sun Li was in her hotel apartment project is under construction. In October 18th, Sun Li issued a document called micro-blog filming in Shanxi, a hotel near the construction site often day and night construction, noise is very disturbing, Sun Li said "I hope leaders can arrange a reasonable period of time, so that we can rest, thank you. Looking forward to reply……" Screenshot micro-blog users have also comment "special circumstances if the night construction license can but also construction migrant workers want to arrange a reasonable time" "this is really easy to appear in our life, but very helpless Speechless, can only endure…… Workers are really fortunate to suffer, the morning is also the site of a large bright lights, the day is also earlier than anyone else……" However, there are also netizens accused Sun Li of "too squeamish". "Jinzhong issued" administrative micro-blog second days to resolve the matter that Sun Lifa micro-blog after 23 minutes, the AIT Jinzhong issued Administrative micro-blog to respond quickly, and assigned to relevant units. On the second day, Jinzhong announced that the matter has been resolved. Because there have been reports of Sun Li complaint site is a local light rail project, the incident caused great controversy, many netizens said Sun Li regardless of Jinzhong engineering plan is selfish behavior. Micro-blog screenshot 21, Sun Li official fan becomes a picture, "Wen said the complaints of the subway, but commercial construction projects. Rumors can ferment easily, but the truth is unknown. Criticism is also a kind of growth. Even in the dark four winds, also like other flowers, such as asahi." But users still half believe and half doubt. 24, 2009, the media went to the field investigation in Jinzhong, the local hotel is being built near the construction of a project, a light rail, a new apartment is the hotel’s own cover.. The light rail project construction at night there is not much movement, the hotel of Sun Li did not affect what near the noise is the hotel own levy issued. In addition, the reporter learned that light rail project currently does not affect the work stoppage, Sun Li is.相关的主题文章: