Sun Li’s boot at the to hear the truth; that bloom into the rivers and lakes play war – Liaoni

Sun Li’s boot at the   to hear the truth; "that bloom" into the rivers and lakes play war – Liaoning Channel – original title: Sun Li’s boot look to hear the truth "that bloom" into the political arena play war by Sun Li starred in the TV series "circle", that bloom month held in Shanxi before the boot ceremony eight years left short hair Sun Li, as well as new hair, formal group shooting. In October, although the boot in the cold wind, but not all creative enthusiasm, Sun Li was wearing a long white version of sweaters, sometimes laugh at the scene, hold a "scissors hand" and small actors sometimes face photo, praying the film will be officially opened her role as the heroine Zhou Ying’s legendary life. This time, Sun Li into the folk life, with " ", jianghuqi; about Shaanxi’s richest woman born in late Qing Dynasty folk Zhou Ying the ups and downs of life. For once again with director Ding Hei cooperation, Sun Li said with a smile: " he told me the truth, I hope he can tell me the truth". Sun Li with jianghuqi Polish Zhou Ying "legendary life circle" since the month that bloom published by Sun Li starring, and again after 14 years to join the "jade goddess of mercy" director Ding black, quickly lead to universal hot, boarded the hot search champion position. The drama of painstaking preparations, polished script for five years, mainly in the salt Jingyang County in Shaanxi province Wubao Jia Wu family history and the basis of creation, the origin of folk early Zhou Ying Town, rivers and lakes full of gas, but because the girl was originally a quack,???? in the East Wu Institute, a miracle became a housewife, unprovoked into the various interests of the game in. When the husband Wu hired after the death of Zhou Ying began to show her business thinking and strategy, not only to keep its promise to face the embarrassment of the family still adhere to the "honest and trustworthy, even leading the turbulent situation in the road of reform, taking the glorious history of Qin River, ascertain the fate of women and historical change. How about the actors how to face the challenges of the market, Sun Li said his " do not understand the market, do not go to market analysis ", that the character and the actor itself is like" reincarnation ", somewhere there is a fate in traction, Zhou Ying is love at first sight. Again 14 years later, Sun Li is looking forward to cooperation continue to speak the truth Ding black " " Sun Li and Ding black director of cooperation can be traced back to 2002, the "jade goddess of mercy", she was still new with the open visibility, Sun Li laughed and said "when I say to him is not an actor, is a never play girl. So he can talk to me in the language of some of the most authentic, without any modifiers." Compared to now all of their own politeness and respect, Sun Li said with eager " actually I prefer my director opponent, that feeling can still learn from each other so that small black " can continue to tell me the truth ". Since the publication of the play since the shooting, a lot of people on this drama have high expectations, but there are also netizens worry, the role of repetition "legendary women" routine? For the selection criteria of role, Sun Li believes that "each role is not replicated, with fashion)相关的主题文章: