Taipei’s the Imperial Palace claims that Beijing’s the Imperial Palace will file a lawsuit Sohu

Taipei the Imperial Palace Beijing the Imperial Palace will be sued infringement claims – Sohu culture channel of the Imperial Palace in Beijing published the "the Imperial Palace" Huapu, which included the Taipei Museum of the Imperial Palace "travelers among mountains and streams", "graph", "early spring" but without authorization, the the Imperial Palace in Taipei in 2 days to the "Legislative Yuan BOE" pointed out in the report the resolution to the Beijing the Imperial Palace, about a lawsuit. The Imperial Palace Museum in Taipei on the morning of 2 in the "Legislative Council" education and cultural court business report, report on Taipei the Imperial Palace authorization and the added value is presented to illustrate the dispute. In October last year, said the DPP "legislators" to any question, "the Imperial Palace Beijing the Imperial Palace published the" picture collection "," travelers among mountains and streams "and" graph "," early spring "drawing is the the Imperial Palace of Beijing the Imperial Palace in Taipei to scan their own publications, then processing the Taipei the Imperial Palace Beijing the Imperial Palace first letter please submit the image authorization, but many phone Beijing the Imperial Palace asking but later no response. At the suggestion of lawyers, Taipei the Imperial Palace cultural and creative marketing department commissioned "Tipo" on "cross-strait IPR (intellectual property rights) for the protection of the cooperation agreement" of the association of the mechanism, "intellectual property bureau" and the National Copyright Administration China discussion, Chinese said the national copyright administration, calligraphy and painting pictures of the original the Bureau identified matters, suggested the presence of the Imperial Palace in Taipei filed a lawsuit to confirm the copyright, also suggested that the Taipei the Imperial Palace can establish a communication mechanism with the the Imperial Palace in Beijing, to resolve the dispute. The the Imperial Palace in Taipei are also pointed out in the report, the October 6th resolution to the Beijing the Imperial Palace has filed a lawsuit to complete the procedure, pending litigation documents when ready, filed a lawsuit to the Beijing court will as soon as possible. Taipei the Imperial Palace President Lin Zhengyi appointed by the DPP authorities, not officially had said before to build the Imperial Palace of Taipei "national brand", after taking office not only of former president of the Beijing the Imperial Palace consultant hired to start the administrative investigation, the Old Summer Palace will also "Hongkong star Jackie Chan made a gift of 12 animal song" copy "to dismantle, cause China" controversy. Frequently cultural politics, cultural’s dissatisfaction, "Taiwan is so small, make a fuss on this kind of thing, so need to tear each other, who is in the differentiation of Taiwan?" The Taipei the Imperial Palace, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Wang Jianmin Taiwan studies have analyzed in an interview, Beijing the Imperial Palace Taipei the Imperial Palace archives should be perfectly logical and reasonable thing, but because the two sides have not been unified, the Taiwan authorities have administrative rights on the the Imperial Palace in Taipei; and both sides are two legal system, there are great differences, cultural relics the patent law, the current law in Taiwan, Beijing the Imperial Palace the Imperial Palace in Taipei may consider drawing suspected infringement. Wang Jianmin also said that the two sides of the problem is very complex, when the lack of political mutual trust between the two sides, may be subject to legal issues. In short, Taipei the Imperial Palace relics does not belong to the Taiwan authorities, but to the whole China, Taiwan believes Beijing the Imperial Palace tort is untenable, only the right to use the Taiwan cultural relics of the Imperial Palace, and no ownership. Taiwan raised the issue, you can see that the economic interests behind the more attention, did not get into the economy, which is a very realistic factor.相关的主题文章: