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Taiwan authorities said the Taiwan happiness index second were Tucao: who would believe the original title: Taiwan happiness who will believe the world’s second? "This budget law" delete "national happiness index" [global network Roundup] according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported on November 15th, the Taiwan legislature today read three modified by "some provisions of the budget law", delete the "national happiness index" as a "government" to prepare the budget for reference. "National happiness index" is the former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-Jeou in 2012 proposed the policy, "happiness index" covering indicators include such as health, environment and education, housing, culture, employment, vacation and other projects. Taiwan Comptroller of the total days ago announced in 2016 the national happiness index, Taiwan international index was 6.96, compared with the OECD members and partners in 39 countries and regions, ranked sixteenth, won in Korea and Japan, which in "income and wealth" ranked second. The DPP’s Legislative Yuan caucus Secretary General Wu Bingrui once in the Finance Committee of the Legislative Yuan question, said, before the media reported that Taiwan paid back 19 years ago, the happiness index called Taiwan’s "income and wealth" over northern Europe, ranking second in the world, who will believe, intends to amend the law to abolish. Legislative Yuan today read three amendments through the budget law part of the provisions, delete the national happiness index as a government agency intends to compile estimates of reference materials. Responsible for the proposal of the DPP legislators Wang Rongzhang said that the original connotation of Taiwan happiness index is not completely based on the index of OECD the better life index, and the other a "change in well-being index" to show the people of Taiwan, both subjective and objective indicators, to prepare the "clear as the basis of government budget". Wang Rongzhang said that the Taiwan authorities have statistics for statistics as a clear basis, "for the national happiness index" business, should be regression law, should not override other government statistics for projects, taking too much human and financial comptroller. In addition, the Taiwan authorities, Comptroller of the total "and" Ministry of finance "since the second half of 1999 began to prepare the so-called" wealth statistics "," green national accounts "and on the expenditure and transfer payment of the original report," trial ", also be corrected by today, instead of" the government should prepare related report "but the content should be in the" government website public ". Editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: