Taiwan more than and 50 youth groups, burst liver protest DPP authorities cut off 7 days off (Figure my128.net

Table more than and 50 youth groups "burst liver" protest the DPP authorities cut 7 days (figure more than and 50) original title: Taiwan youth group burst liver "protest the DPP authorities cut 7 days off Chinese Taiwan network October 24th news according to the" Taiwan times "reported Chinese, as opposed to the two days off" the draft law "more than and 50, Taiwan youth group yesterday (23 days) to go to the headquarters to protest, kanchu stressed that as long as 7 days, regardless of any remedy or exchange are not acceptable, and reiterated the 3 demands, requirements of statutory holidays" 19 days, 1 days less". Contains the work bucket industrial reserve army, anti youth education commercialization alliance and Higher Education Union Youth Action Committee more than and 50 youth group launched the "youth for labor rights, the siege of capital into the party" protest, hundreds of teams from the "Legislative Yuan" the gate of a road to the Democratic Progressive Party protest. The protesters in the DPP party before the staged opera, with the Taiwan authorities’ guard ring committee "10 DPP" legislators "stickers, with bloody red" youth liver "and firecrackers blow the symbol of the DPP and employers cut even 7 days, to work overtime labor" burst liver". Because the police containment, the protest cannot enter the DPP central building, simply "youth for labor rights, the siege of capital into the party" posters pasted on the glass building, and hanging "capital into the party" plaque, mocking the Democratic Progressive Party has become the capital to party. According to reports, industry members Dou Hao said solemnly, the Democratic Progressive Party constantly claiming to be "young people’s party, but today decided to cut 7 days off" break "and" youth and workers, we come today is to draw the line and the Democratic Progressive party". He said, from the beginning of September this year, Taiwan students, school clubs, cross objection student organizations, trade unions, unite a strong consensus, firmly stand together with labour. Reaffirming the 3 demands of the Union Youth Action Committee and other organizations of Higher Education: 1, legal holiday 19 days, 1 days less; 2, refused to "a case of a" special, false as bargain in exchange; 3, the Taiwan authorities should strengthen the labor inspection, the implementation of labor rights. For the Legislative Yuan Weihuan committee before the trial by "a case of a", but because the meeting process is only about 16 minutes, the Kuomintang and the "era of power" Party advocated ineffective meetings. The DPP’s Legislative Yuan caucus will convene party consultation today, but the KMT has threatened not to attend the day before. (Taiwan, China network Lu)相关的主题文章: