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Taiwan Taoyuan police shot his girlfriend suspected suicide after the original title: Taiwan Taoyuan police suspected a news agency in Taipei September shot his girlfriend after the suicide of a 27 year old police 12, Taiwan Taoyuan 12 suspected shot his girlfriend after the shot himself, causing 2 dead tragedy. Comprehensive cna, when the electronic newspaper, news and other media reports, the Police Bureau Taoyuan Taoyuan Municipal Government Bureau Tongan police station a police officer surnamed Xu 12 am 2 pm to 4 pm during the armed guard, to leave the police station. The police through the mobile phone positioning, on the morning of 6 pm to enter the male is located in Taoyuan City, Xu pate area rental, surnamed Su found him with his girlfriend in bed, two people have been killed. The police said a gun two dead, no traces of fighting scene; after the initial test phase, Xu men with gunshot wounds to the left temple, right Su woman with gunshot wounds to the head; the scene to his parents and find a male and his family’s suicide note, letter to explain sister and brother to take care of their parents, and said sorry. Family. Xu Nan also mentioned in his Testament, due to stomach disease surgery 2 times for a period of time, can only eat liquid food, body gradually. The police preliminary judgment Xu man suspected illness weary himself; but a male intercourse with his girlfriend for many years, feelings of harmony, whether the Soviet women love, still need further investigation to clarify. Taiwan social concern caused by the case. The Police Bureau Taoyuan Taoyuan branch secretary Liao Hengyu said the municipal government will ask for punishment; Tongan deputy director of the police station on duty by Zhong hypersensitivity to let others carry guns absent without leave, be kept two times, adjusted for non supervisory duties; Tongan police station director Xiao Guoguang is demerit and adjust the service area. (end) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: