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Taiwanese will be grading you ready? Heard the English 46 exams, mandarin level test, but you know that Taiwanese can also test the level? You’re right! Taiwanese proficiency test will be in the next exam. As a local dialect, why Minnan dialect will be included in the official exam? Examiner selection how to carry out? Jinjiang primary school students in the school by Taiwanese nursery rhymes. According to the data, it is understood that the selection of the level of proficiency test of the southern dialect examiner has been carried out, the applicants up to more than 240 people, mainly from education, culture, radio and television system. After the completion of the training, they have to first level test, score 90 points and above are eligible to become an examiner. The relevant responsible person said, more than and 240 people in the future can be less than a hundred of the examiner, the elimination rate will exceed 50%. Netizen: Taiwanese promotion is very urgent for the Taiwanese grading, many netizens gave strong concern, participate in advance test simulation of each media launched the "". But there are some users said, although as a Taiwanese, but will not listen to say, it is difficult to pass. Friends from the Haicang Skrillex "is to ask whether the development of online testing. There are users to upload a black southern Fujian dialect video attracted onlookers, many netizens said that their Minnan dialect is not as good as the standard of African friends, Minnan dialect is the promotion of the. The Education Department of Fujian Normal University professor emeritus Yang Xiuming said that the Taiwanese carrier, Nanyin opera, opera and other Taiwanese culture, Taiwanese culture heritage is a bridge, an important bridge and contact the Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese, the cultural identity, national identity and the reunification of the motherland has had a profound impact. In the past twenty years, the number of people who have been able to speak Minnan dialect has been reduced, which directly affects the inheritance of Minnan culture. She encouraged the staff of the relevant window industry, such as broadcasters, tour guides, airport staff, etc., can participate in the test certificate. Around the day before to take measures to protect the dialect, the Ministry of education, the State Language Commission issued the "report China language situation (2016)". The report pointed out that China’s current situation of the dialect is not optimistic, facing the situation of reducing or even disappearing. Over the years, many measures have been taken to protect local dialects. In March 2006, Shanghai introduced the first "People’s Republic of China implementation of the" national language law "means" the city of Shanghai, proposed the establishment of the Shanghai dialect, Shanghai dialect protection, September 2012, the first primary school textbook "primary theory of Shanghai dialect dialect" into the classroom; in 2008, Guangzhou City, Yuexiu District martyrs Road Primary School the first day "every Monday in Guangzhou on March 2010;" Xiamen City, the dialect of the experimental teaching, teaching materials about the issue of Minnan dialect, the dialect of the education of students; in July 2016, developed by the Minjiang University) Fuzhou APP "Fuzhou online dictionary" officially launched…… The protection and inheritance of Fujian folk culture has 86 years of excellent tradition of people Fang Binggui has been committed to Fuzhou, he has published the "Fuzhou" "Fuzhou Street" and other idioms of Fuzhou folk culture series of more than 20. Every festival, he will go to the community to the children sing folk songs in Fuzhou, folk stories. He also organized a Fujian Cultural volunteers;相关的主题文章: