Taiyuan second Thermotics Inc issued a notice this winter to stop heating began to apply govos

Taiyuan second Thermotics Inc issued a notice: this winter to stop heating start to apply for the Taiyuan evening news (reporter Gao Rong correspondent Zhang Qiliang) the weather is getting cold, for this winter is not to live in the house, in order to save heating expenses, can apply for to stop. Second days before the announcement of the Thermotics Inc, now to the end of September, the public can apply for this year’s stop heat, will not apply for overdue. Service Tel: 6091699. According to reports, apply to stop, people need to hold the four kind of material handling formalities: the property permits, the house sale contract or a valid certificate of housing construction area of travel documents and a copy of a copy of ID card; the owner or agent ID copy and contact; that newspaper business the main residential property units issued last year; hot fee bill. The user stops the formalities for examination and approval and pay the cost of stop, as an effective stop. Heating report is valid for a heating period, from November 1st to the following year in March 31st. Application for the next year to stop the need to re apply for the newspaper to stop the formalities, not as normal with the heat, the full charge of heating. At the same time, users reported to stop heating residential property will be approved, indoor heating system and heating system to completely disconnect and seal. In the heating period, the Thermotics Inc will stop the user to carry out regular inspection, such as the discovery of theft behavior, will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Taiyuan city heating management regulations serious treatment. In addition, to remind the user in stop during the heat to do indoor thermal insulation and cold proof measures. Into the cold weather, stop the heat may cause indoor pipelines and facilities, equipment damage, cracking, the Thermotics Inc does not assume any responsibility. In order to do not affect the operation of the heating company and the user heating quality, a residential user reported no more than 10%. After the newspaper stopped the user, due to personal reasons need to re open the heating valve, to the heating enterprises to open the valve procedures and pay the relevant cost of artificial materials. Related links second Thermotics Inc heating range is north from nanneihuan street, South to a power plant, east of Riverside Road, West to the western high-speed. In charge of the district includes twelve city hospital, Sacred Heart court, Hualong court, Xishan villa, Yichen new realm and peaceful homes, Bauhinia, Vanke Lanshan, decimating the modern holiday, Lin long yuan, Yi Lin, SDIC District, built homes, Southern District, Jingyuan, Xinzhuang too much fertilizer, too much the peace garden, Vanke golden mile, urban communities, too drugs E line, China Town District, times garden, Lanting Pavilion City, Lido garden, Royal Lake Meishu, Green garden, Aolin Riverside Garden, Jinyang Lake, Wu Jiabao District, Longquan garden, Hawaii, Longquan, Longquan North Fairview temple, Xiyu coal mine etc..相关的主题文章: