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Food-and-Drink It was in the ancient civilizations of China and Japan when tea was first recognized for its medicinal properties. Tea was popular – not only for the delightful taste it provided – but for offering health benefits as well. They drink tea as a cure for headaches, to calm them when they’re stressed, help them relax when they’re tired and to maintain and improve their vision. As the story goes, an emperor was presented with a cup of hot water that had turned brown from a leaf that had dropped into a pot of boiling water. The emperor took a sip and was taken with the taste, and that’s how tea started. It was also ground into a paste-like substance and was applied to reduce pain and inflammation as seen in rheumatoid arthritis. Whenever they feel drowsy during long bouts of mediation, Buddhists has frequently turned to tea to help them stay focused and awake. It may have been a long time since tea was discovered, and it may have developed many variations, but tea will always have its medicinal properties. Instead of drinking the tea to rid themselves of their ailments, our ancestors started to ground up the leaves and boiled them with food such as rice, ginger and milk. The people believed that tea has a lot of medicinal properties, they also drank it to relieve them of various pains and aches, for better digestion, and to keep the body immune from contagious diseases. Tea had been elevated to a spiritual brew, believing that tea drinkers live longer than most because of what they drink. Tea traveled to many different countries and its medicinal benefits came along with it. Tea became sort of a cure-all, used for such broad purposes as skin problems, joint pains and mood enhancers. Whenever they .e up with a disease or an ailment that they don’t know the cure for, they turn to tea for the solution. In many cases, the tea helped decrease your chances of contracting these diseases and lessened their suffering once the disease took hold of their lives. You will see many evidence of this in various medical books and historical texts. It was so popular that people also used it to gain spiritual balance. One would drink the tea for the purpose of obtaining peace and serenity for the mind to balance it with the body and achieve oneness with nature as they saw it. With the passage of time, the various properties of tea became well-known and gained popularity in many different places. It was used in the high societies as a sign of a distinguished person and people drank it for sheer enjoyment. With the advancement of technology, it became easier to prove the medicinal properties of tea. It became evident that tea does help us fight off diseases and can be used to treat pains and get rid of bad breath. Tea has been around for many centuries and its medicinal purposes have withstood the test of time as they continue to be used today. This shows how insightful our ancestors were centuries ago by the fact that today’s researchers can use advanced science to test theories that have long prevailed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: