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Teach you to practice wrestling wrestling champion Travel Channel original title: wrestling champion to teach you to practice wrestling wrestling fierce competition arena. Wang Hui photo I called Ala Ten Bayar, was born in 1962 in Inner Mongolia Damaoqi, began to follow the master to learn wrestling at the age of 10. When the family was poor, there is no special place, I made a sandbag at home, while grazing and practice. The last century at the end of 70s, I began to flag, Union City in the wrestling match, until the middle of 90s was invalided out of the army. Mongolian wrestling is not limited to the weight, love the people can participate in activities. In my opinion, the wrestling competition is the three elements: efforts (here is not just perfect, but strength, speed, force) motor skills, coordination three. For example, you want to use the right leg to sweep the other party footwall fell opponent, opponents observed standing leg flaws, forced by surprise, in the whole process, we must seize the opportunity to force, speed faster, but also pay attention to skills and coordination. With their own strength to win each other, very difficult. For wrestling, either practice or competition, the control center is very important, it is your weapon of defense can also become a magic weapon for you. Some wrestling hand from Hulun Buir, such as the strong strength of Xilinguole, want to win, they were not so easy, you need to think more in the game, "borrow force". For example, you want to put each other down to the East, you need to put other forces, attention to the West away. I think his West, then he will be forced to the East, he the direction of a force, his focus will shift the east side, the rapid change of the direction of the force, using his own strength and focus, you can take him down. Every one has his own wrestling hand housekeeping cheats, only to participate in large wrestling competitions will be used, such as I called "pick one". However, special skills usually have to properly hidden, so inconvenient rumor, but I used these techniques to defeat the enemy. In 1984, our Union (now Wulanchabu City, then it belongs to Damaoqi) held a large "Nadam Fair", many foreign well-known wrestling hand a total of 512 people participated. A man from Siziwangqi wrestling hand, famous, become the favorites, our flag a stroke grams hand did not even dare him. But I have the courage to dare to play against him, it’s not brave, and he had a practice before I tried, and I beat him once, is my housekeeping cheats. When we were in the 18 game. But he did not put me in the eye, after all, before a short hand did not give him what impression. The results, I also use the housekeeping cheats to win the game, the whole banner sensation, then I won the championship wrestling. (reporter Zhang Tengyang finishing) (commissioning editor: Qin Jing, happy)相关的主题文章: