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Teng Ko Erh adaptation of the classic missing daughter Jin Zhiwen and duck combat – Sohu entertainment Jin Zhiwen duck catching Teng Ko Erh sang     Sohu entertainment news "return of the king" will set off a wave of nostalgia classic song "paradise", remind of you and I have memories, but the memories of the heaven full of hometown has been adapted, and what will bring new change?     Allen Lin funny bursting point much inspired trip had become a chowhound tour     Allen Lin; as a staff captain to beat a glimpse of the "true colors", a series of wacky escapade, but the production team "go to sleep" play bad. Allen Lin on the road to find the king, put on a "hurt" of the struggle with the old driver; also experience the passion of female fans, in order to help the idol to use "car with the car" to invite him; not only that, Allen Lin in the record collection tour when it is "open food ring", is netizen called "variety big stomach king". Jin Zhiwen beach start catch duck vs Yang Yuying hand Jing girl like sister     in addition, Jin Zhiwen in the folk songs directly open runaway mode, staged a fierce "Adorable pet combat" took "workaholic" the momentum of a war in the end, but due to a "Adorable duck" to meet them that makes the whole style changes, a look of embarrassment. In the program to fight for the gold to "serve" Teng Ko Erh’s music and life, suddenly came out of a "home used to", so that people are curious at home is also "wait" wife? Jin Zhiwen directly into a good husband. However, Yang Yuying was in the process of program of folk songs, very intimate warm adorable after a catch at sea, the ducks and other folk experience, but also close hand Jing girl, with a girl laughing and talking like sister Jing. Teng Ko Erh responded "domineering love" adapted "paradise" Miss heaven daughter     Teng Ko Erh fans were asked to "the Peach Garden" the Divine Comedy "this song is what ghost", Teng Ko Erh responded "domineering love drop", shows the true nature at the same time, more people exclaimed his appearance and personality differences big. Uncle Teng Ko Erh is adorable to buy a coconut and fancy boss Kanjia, completely adorable audience cry. Teng Ko Erh is afraid of his own spoof program group playing a "shock" game, the program group for Teng Ko Erh’s brain hole had no choice but "we are serious propaganda programs"! This time, Teng Ko Erh’s adaptation of "paradise" with the song, is reminded him of life can not forget the pain, the stage blindfolded soulful singing new songs from "paradise", but also in the thoughts of heaven’s daughter, moved the audience.     more exciting content, please pay attention to Sohu video September 30th 22:00 "the return of the king"!相关的主题文章: