The 26 year old woman was unveiled in February by 20 pounds – Beijing induced premature ovarian fail-3u8813

The 26 year old woman was unveiled in February by 20 pounds – caused by premature ovarian failure Beijing reporter at the wedding (reporter Liu Xuan correspondent Wen Honglei Zhang??) in the wedding stunning debut online shopping diet pills, 2 months kuangshuai 20 pounds of meat into thin success "paper", but always rules "my aunt has never come. A few days ago, 26 year old Wei Wei to go to the hospital to see amenorrhea, but was told the doctor is premature ovarian failure. Vivian’s wedding scheduled at the end of October, in order to put into a small number 2 in a year after the wedding, she was busy to lose weight. The diet plus exercise, 2 months down only lost 4 pounds, could see the online weight-loss drug is good, she orders a few boxes of online shopping. 1 months later she was pleased to find that he lost 12 pounds, and then eat a month. 2 months to throw the meat of 20 pounds, the trouble is also followed: less and less menstrual volume, then simply do not come. "Big aunt" for 3 months not to panic, vivian. Wuhan maternal and child health hospital, the doctor checked her after diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, the future can only rely on estrogen progestin replacement therapy. Vicki ovary menopausal women was 60 years old, has been unable to ovulation." Song Xiaojie, director of Obstetrics and gynecology outpatient admissions said, because of the 25 – 40 year old female irregular menstruation patients, more than 13 people have different degrees of premature ovarian failure. She pointed out that many young girls have premature ovarian failure, and blind weight loss, work pressure, the law of life disorder have a great relationship. Zhang Yingchun, director of the Department of traditional Chinese medicine Provincial Maternal and child health hospital admissions before a more "the little girl 18 years old", under the weight of preparing for the college entrance examination, but also deliberately reduce the appetite, every meal only eat do not eat the staple food, lost more than and 10 pounds of meat after the holidays do not come, ovarian function is far from normal level, permanent the loss of fertility. Song Xiaojie explained that the fat cells can produce estrone, affect the hypothalamic – pituitary – ovarian axis. Excessive weight loss will lead to a rapid decline in the amount of fat in the body, affecting the normal secretion of sex hormones, leading to menstrual disorders, premature ovarian decline. Once to amenorrhea, doctors often incapable of action. Zhang Yingchun said, signs of premature ovarian failure mainly for menstrual disorders, but also can not take progesterone". We must first do a full set of endocrine examination, a clear understanding of menstruation is not to reason, then an antidote against the disease.相关的主题文章: