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Auctions In an era when any and everything is connected, it is hard to imagine a business without a digital presence. Businesses either are realigning their current services with the latest technology trends or are .pletely overhauling their existing business processes with an emphasis on a mobile-first approach. Treading in these same waters is the real estate business as well, as a number of online real estate websites have emerged in the past couple of years. This growth can largely be attributed to an increasingly tech-savvy and mobile user group, as the Internet is the go-to for every aspect of home buying right from searches to taking actions. According to Placester and NAR (National Association of Realtors), 92% of the homebuyers started with a search on the Internet while 69% homebuyers started with a search engine to act on a real estate website. These numbers are proof enough of how search engine traffic drives real estate sales for marketers and owners. The effective implementation of real estate software solutions vital in ensuring that, as a business, you do not miss out on a global audience. With a multitude of readily available and easy-to-implement solutions, collaboration with a web application development .pany should be a feasible option for a real estate business. Mentioned below are the five prominent and inclusive features of real estate software solutions: Advanced Listing Features: One of the most basic elements for a real estate website, the real estate software solutions includes this feature right at the beginning of the project. This Advanced Listing enables buyers, sellers and agents in listing properties that are available for sale, rent or lease to the customers. Some additional benefits of implementing this feature include monitoring of buyer-seller interactions, tracking progress, validating documents and properties for authenticity. Ready-to-Use Modules: Designed to offer plug-and-play functionality to any website, configuring these modules into your real estate website can lead to increasing not just traffic to the site, but also in enhancing consumer engagement. Property Management: The most .pelling feature in a real estate website is by far the content in terms of properties available for sale, lease, rent or .mercial space. However, if the website fails to capitalize on this single most important requisite, the purpose of a real estate website fails. A web application development .pany can efficiently implement a content management system to address this requirement. Mobile Optimization: Tablets and smartphones drive 59% website page views, almost entirely on weekends. In addition, with the recent changes made in the search engine algorithms, mobile presence along with optimization is imperative to increase traffic and visibility on the web. Customized Modules: Customizing a user module corresponding to the business type or requirements can streamline entire functions or processes on the site, thereby offering visitors with a smooth navigation. The inclusion of these features on the website of a realtor can ensure that their site not only increases its visibility, but also easily accessible to users. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: