The air force bombers 6K 18 aircraft and 20 sword missiles will be unveiled in Zhuhai

The air force bombers 6K 18 aircraft and 20 sword missiles will be unveiled in Zhuhai map: F -20 stealth fighter October 28 Beijing Xinhua (Qiu Yue) 28, reporters from the "Chinese RAF China airshow news conference learned that a total of 18 Air Force aircraft, missile, radar and other equipment, 39 type matching weapons and vehicles of more than 110 pieces of exhibits will be unveiled the eleventh session of the China airshow, compared with the previous show, the show opening is higher, more diversified, more new equipment, 50% of the equipment is the first public appearance. The air force equipment into the system will be displayed in the form of static display and air show two forms. Ground static display, boom -6K long-range bombers, -20 large aircraft, AWACS air marshals -500 and direct -10K armed helicopters and other star equipment will debut in the exhibition hall, which is the first public transport -20 for static display. In addition, -20, -63B and other sword Eagle missile, and -1, -2 two pterosaur pterosaur police hit one unmanned combat aircraft and other equipment will also appeared at the airshow, in close contact with you. Flying in the air show, "81" aerobatic team will drive the f -10A offer a good flight performance, in addition to China’s independent research and development of a new generation of stealth fighter -20 will be the first flight in Zhuhai show, -20 large aircraft fitted will also be the first flight performance. Director of bureau of comprehensive plan of equipment department of Air Force Colonel Wang Zhonghua said that the show at the air force air force equipment is part of the system, is the result of stage construction of a dimension, a miniature. In the future, the air force will be more equipment to open to the public display.相关的主题文章: