The auction was halted the cultural relics bureau who is Ootani Hikarumizu ca1290

The auction was halted the cultural relics bureau who is Ootani Hikarumizu in October 21st, the State Administration of cultural heritage to the Japanese national Yokohama auction Corporation sent a letter to stop the auction China "on the relics of the letter", the company recognized the original six auction auction held in Tokyo by the end of October in Ootani Hikarumizu from China illegal. The cultural relics. The State Administration of cultural heritage, hope the other party to comply with the relevant international conventions, to stop the auction the auction of six. Yokohama, the auction house and then the auction was to be taken to deal with the relevant auction. These six pieces of cultural relics auction: "No. 734th, No. 735th Dunhuang King Tang Dynasty Murals of Tang Dynasty murals painted wooden Buddha story (three), a group of 736th, the Tang Dynasty painted wooden Buddha figures story murals (seven) No. 737th, a group of Tang Dynasty painted wooden Buddha figures the murals, No. 738th Dunhuang Shakya Muni of the Tang Dynasty No. 739th murals, Nobumasa — Tang Guohua Fodian and handwritten Tang etc.." Is called the "king of Dunhuang Tang Dynasty Murals" be called "the Tang Dynasty murals painted wooden Buddha story (three) a set of" be called "the Tang Dynasty murals painted wooden Buddha story (seven) a set of" be called "Yan Chang — Tang Guohua, Ootani Hikarumizu Tang of the Fodian handwritten letters" that is the sort of person? He is associated with cultural relics why become illegal plunder? It’s about Ootani Hikarumizu. Ootani Hikaru Wright (1876 -1948), a young Jun Mo, fahao mirror such as, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan Buddhist Shinshu Honganji Percy’s twenty-second generation method. The Rui in 1892 and the nobility of Kyoto nine road three nine Duke filial daughter to raise child engagement, and nine road four nine knots filial daughter in 1889 was betrothed to Meiji (later Prince Ka Ka Taisho emperor later Ching Ming, knots, and Ootani Hikarumizu became Queen) Taisho emperor brother-in-law. Buddhism was introduced into Japan from China in the Tang Dynasty, so China became the place where many Japanese monks yearned for. In January 1899, the twenty-three year old Ootani Hikarumizu by seeking the root of Buddhism by the use of the two and a half months, visited the city of China in the fifteen, touched a lot of him. In January 1900, Ootani Hikarumizu visited India in the name of the Buddhist site. In 1901, he also visited Britain, Germany, France and Russia, Sweden and other countries, in the name of China predatory exploration contact famous cultural relics "explorers", such as gentle? And Stein Hedin visited the National Museum. When you see the world from a large number of Chinese expedition looted treasures, Ootani Hikarumizu is very envious of Stein, and other Central Asian exploration harvest, is a feeling of shock, the initiation of the idea to Chinese treasure. Otani Guangrui in London in August 1902. Then, Ootani Hikarumizu formed a distinct from European expedition. The European expedition was a Christian, and his expedition was all Buddhist; European expeditions were confined to Xinjiang, and Ootani Hikarumizu’s search area covered the entire northwest of china. Based on the fiscal side they are nearly ten million Japanese followers charity property, so Dagu.相关的主题文章: