The autumn leaves trees, master to sit upon the goods – and Sohu-sexhu

The autumn leaves "trees", "master" to sit upon the goods – Sohu and I am an autumn tree defends the small territory quietly in front of the bustling because I never admire the most beautiful in the heart is not in the distance — Tom Chang "autumn tree" through the hot summer, I love autumn finally to the soundless and stirless biyuntian, yellow leaves, autumn even wave, the wave Hanyan cui. Where the wind in the Indus Zhiqiu, wells. There is a sycamore tree in Hefei, quietly happy contented flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, silently, waiting to read her beauty to rest under the shade, autumn rain cool, quiet and comfortable, but also to accompany this day, delicacy, comfortable! [little] Indus in those years I had, the canteen, almost all the dishes and the price is even the menu position my eyes can familiar, classic blueberry yam, spring mouth moorhen, Pineapple Vinegar fillet, French fries, palm sized apricot incense Haihuang volumes, are not good. I eat 100, Akiba Giri. It reminded me of the Indus Inn memories, a long time did not come to the place, hope that you are well? Blueberry yam, each will point, practice is not difficult, the key is to set the charming and beautiful, dense weight yam chronological, one mouthful to hi! Pickled cucumber, there is the taste of home, cucumber acid crisp crisp, fresh taste! Vegetable Salad, health collocation is reasonable, colorful and appetizing, everyday want to lose love grazing friends should be very love, but I still want to eat meat! Duck tongue, chewy tough incense, suitable for watching TV when holding snacks, eat slowly, it is delicious! On the sign, Sichuan classic, cold pot strings, tender shrimp gluten potato cauliflower collocation are my food, taste spicy soup gouwei, is in want of perfection too little, eat also want to eat! Pineapple Vinegar is pork, each will point a, sweet and sour pork meat tender and tough, little friends certainly love! Grilled prawns, shrimp served fragrant, large enough, tight elastic teeth! After the lamb chops grilled lamb chops, incense? Is close to the soft hammer loose boneless, eating up tender meat chunks in crisp outside without a tie! Duojiaoyutou taste comparable to Mrs. Luzhou, head of fresh and salty fish noodles with delicate, smooth taste tenacity, leverage! "Fried beef, fried pork Hunan" approach, but with more refreshing beef, spicy tender and delicious rice weight is! "Iced pumpkin taro dew" is a surprise, love a greasy, spicy finish artifact, eat this, feeling cool, smooth mellow! "Vietnamese style grilled wings" reminds me of the previous Lemongrass fish, unique fragrance and delicate wings complement each other; "pumpkin cheese?", Chinese and Western, cheese milk sweet pumpkin sweet cotton slip, the two together can’t eat! The goose is my cheese? Mashed Potato dishes, Mashed Potato wrapped ham and cheese, the smooth thick taste is really wonderful! Well, I love to eat meat! "Curry seafood with curry, do vegetable dish can be so fresh and sweet, love to eat curry and afraid of fat parents can try; bread is my temptation!相关的主题文章: