The boss to buy antique old houses illegally built city shut down

The boss to buy antique old houses illegally built urban shut down "a boss Changzhou Zejia will own old house demolition reconstruction, the original area is several times, very luxurious appearance." Recently, some people reflect, in September this year to the Yangtze Evening News Hotline, a local boss from Zhejiang bought a antique "old house", built illegally shipped to Changzhou. A month ago, the town of urban management department has ordered the owner shut down, but for the first time in the face of the demolition of illegally built, they dare not rashly. According to reports, the illegally built before the start really handle the relevant approval procedures, but the actual area is 3 times the approval area, beyond the parts were built illegally. Yangzi Evening News reporter Guo Jingyu Changzhou Zejia Jingxian Anhui villas reflect illegally built from readers, Yangzi Evening News reporter rushed to Jiangsu in Changzhou, under the guidance of the complainant, soon found the "villa located in the golden section of the Wuhan Lujiaze fast". From afar, the reporter saw a very impressive start, and a two storey building under construction. Reporter noted. Building construction is nearing completion, external scaffolding has not been removed. At a glance, the door and the building grand scale, a stylish, Huizhou style. A local villagers told reporters, here is Jia Ze Cun Wei Hou Xiang Zhuang Cun Zhen Nan Zhuang, "villa" is the predecessor of the old house with two floors, a little time, "this is a new boss after the village, not only the building, the middle of a La Villa Nova next to the hotel is his home." A reporter asked, this villa is not illegal? He smiled to smile, "I can’t say this". Reporters to enter the villa inside, and did not see someone in the construction, there is a patio inside. In the interior of the house, the reporter met a man, he said, the whole house exterior is brick structure, interior girders and pillars are the old house, the owner spent a lot of money, bought from Zhejiang to Fenghua, after the demolition shipped over." Owner: have been approved. The area is a little over a point of the house in the end is not illegal? Reporters with this problem, try to contact the owner of the house. After a search, the reporter a villa in the courtyard of the see in the owner’s son Mr. xi. He told reporters down from the bitter water, according to the introduction, his old house built houses for decades, there have been serious security problems, so the father just considering renovation. Mr. Xi said that they had already done before the renovation, housing security identification, identified as dangerous. He will be sent to the local village and town government Justo appraisal report, obtain approval procedures, the procedures have been started, "or we will not start." Reporters asked whether the housing is strictly in accordance with the original size, the original size, the original appearance, whether the existence of super area? Mr. Xi said, "a little over a little bit." Where the house from demolition and reconstruction, the total cost of the number, Mr. Xi are unwilling to talk about. Construction and management: the actual area is three times the area of examination and approval in order to understand the real situation of this house, the reporter came to the District of Wujin Jiaze town construction management department. After viewing the photos provided by the reporter, a staff member.相关的主题文章: