The bus conductor caught a provincial checkpoint alarm addict zznba

The bus conductor caught a provincial checkpoint alarm addict original title: a provincial bus crew checkpoint police arrested him. Chinese daily news (reporter Zhang Chao) in November 1st, a large passenger car plate into the GaN A Chencang provincial public security checkpoints, the crew take the machine to report to the police on duty, said the car had two passengers suspicious appearance and movements were suspected of stealing. The police in order not to act rashly and alert the enemy, pretending to check passengers whether the safety belt, the 2 suspects were arrested. 12:25 on November 1st, Chen Bin provincial patrol brigade police Wang Meichun led the crew on duty in Chencang provincial public security checkpoints, large passenger cars on the A plate of the vehicle into the Shaanxi Gansu routine inspection, the crew car registration, quietly to the police report: two passengers on board abnormal behaviour, attempt to steal, I hope the police investigation. Police immediately report the situation to the patrol brigade captain Zhao Yaming, in order not to disturb the suspect, pretending to check whether the Department Secretary of the seat belt, took the opportunity to steal the suspect Cai, Lee arrested. In the course of further investigation, the police found Cai, Lee two strange behavior, yawn, runny, immediately on the two person belongings were searched, seized goods more than 4 grams of white powder. After a urine test, two ketamine (commonly known as k powder) were positive. Under questioning, two people from Gansu Tianshui car, ready to get off the stolen from Baoji. Two people admitted, before the incident had smoked drugs, in an attempt to en route in the operation of passenger vehicles, take people unprepared for theft, the property is then used to buy drugs. Police in two people also found tweezers theft tools. At present, the case has been transferred to the Baoji Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment reconnaissance brigade further processing. Chen Bin provincial patrol battalion Zhao Yaming remind Baotian Baoji section of high-speed vehicles, encountered similar problems can promptly call 110 or 122, or to the provincial public security checkpoint police report Chen bin. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: