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The BWF Super Series   Hongkong; the country feather completely lost without winning a crown – Sports – original title: BWF Super Series Hongkong country feather comprehensive defeat not winning a crown China doubles Champions Huang Dongping and Li Yinhui. Yesterday, the 2016 BWF Super Series China Hongkong cruised in the Coliseum, Huang Dongping Li Yinhui China doubles final defeat to Denmark’s Pedersen Wright, the feather of this race is still unable to get any a champion, and the two consecutive Super League champions local war. Chinese Taipei’s Dai Ziying won the women’s singles, boarded the throne of the world in the next week. Men’s singles and mixed doubles champion, Hongkong’s Long Wu respectively belong China and Indonesia combination of Ahmed Nasir. The women’s doubles is the country feather of this race only reached the final project, teenager Huang Dongping Li Yinhui challenged Denmark’s Pedersen Wright. Last week China match, two pairs of combinations have played against Li Yinhui in the semi-final, when Huang Dongping zhiluoliangju victory, but the final defeat to South Korea Zhang Yina Li Shaoxi, runner up. The first, Huang Dongping Li Yinhui entered the state faster, two tacit start leading 5-2, but then lost 5 points by the opponent, the flat to 10 and lost 3 points, fortunately timely catch up to 13. Enter the score biting in stage 16 flat after Huang Dongping Li Yinhui in the key point in leeward, and opened the score difference, although recovered 2 points, but still to lose 19-21. The second game Huang Dongping even after the start of the game even after 2 points, the opponent was even scored to continue to be passive, 5-7, after the loss of even after 4 minutes, to the time of the suspension has been 5-11 behind the. After the suspension of Huang Dongping Li Yinhui is still unable to suppress fight to win or die, but the opponent’s attack, 9-14 lost 5 points, the final 10-21 defeat, losing two champions, two consecutive Super Cup runner up. The women’s singles final, Chinese Taipei’s Dai Ziying zhiluoliangju, with 21-15 and 21-17 to beat the Rio Olympic runner up, India fierce female Xin Dehu, won the Spanish Rio Olympic champion, two time world champion Ma Lin will be replaced in the next week, the new women’s singles became the world’s top ranked player. The men’s singles final, the local operations of the Wu long face India Velma, battle three innings with a 21-14 and 10-21 and 21-11 opponents, win the Super Champion for the first time. Indonesia is the mixed doubles final combination between the civil war, the Ahmed Nasir with two cities in 21-19 and 21-17’s compatriot Jordan Susanto, following last week China after back-to-back wins at the Super Cup title, is the third time this season to get super cup title. The net body (commissioning editor: Yang Lei, Zhang Fan)相关的主题文章: