The Champions League analysis the strength of the dominant thermal field of insurable – Sohu unbeate

The Champions League: analysis of thermal field strength of the dominant Assassin – Sohu insurable unbeaten SMG football champions CSKA Moscow on Tuesday: VS Tottenham time: 2016-09-28 Wednesday morning 02:45 Europe Index 3.03 3.29 2.34 0.80 1.08 half asian handicap team: CSKA Moscow is the Champions League regular, have rich experience in the Champions League last season. The Russian premier league, which won the Champions League group phase seats. The first round of the Champions League group phase at Leverkusen, the first two goals under the condition of two even after the equaliser, the team showed a tenacious fighting force. The army in the league is very stable, but the recent state is a bit sluggish, the League after the draw, nearly two battle competitions made only 1 flat 1 negative record. It is worth noting that in the summer the army lost the main striker Moussa, have a certain impact on the team’s offensive capability, but this battle the devil at home court, is expected to remain unbeaten. Tottenham last season ranked third Premier League, after a lapse of 6 years once again reached the Champions League race, the team in the new season signings efforts are foot, signed Moussa Sissoko, V- Jensen and all the horse and other reinforcements, the new season’s strength has been further strengthened, and the team in the new season in the Premier League 4 wins 2 level of success, the state is very good. While the outside world that spurs can obtain good results in the Champions League this year, but in the group phase first round home court 1-2 against the visiting Monaco, the team suffered a blow and a shout. Tottenham in the team strength is the strongest team in the Champions League, the only drawback is the lack of experience, this battle in Russia, and probably a tough battle. Analysis of the ball game: this game, open 2.90-3.30-2.40 disk compensate Ladbrokes chupan, most open guest Let deuce hemisphere high water, the outside world has been recognized Tottenham’s strength is more dominant, but on high water a bit strong let the meaning. Note by the Libo day instant adjustment of 3.10-3.25-2.30, the Asian plate position unchanged, upper plate water level decline, the company of Tottenham’s growing confidence. The overall strength of the Spurs higher than the opponent, and the recent state is more than they did, although Russia is at the devil home court, but if no accident, Tottenham was able to gain a good result. SMG football recommended: 10 asian handicap recommended: Tottenham football score recommended: 1:1 0:1相关的主题文章: