The company has lost its employees and has Oreo and other

Million AIDS factory layoffs is still a loss which owns brands such as Oreo Fun Factory layoffs in the fourth quarter of 2015 million AIDS is still a loss of Beijing daily news (reporter Qian Yu Aruhan) food giant million AIDS over the past year the day is not easy. The day before the company announced last year in the fourth quarter results, million AIDS in 2015 four quarter loss of $729 million, compared with the same period last year profit of $500 million, the decline reached 245.8%, to restore the loss of million AIDS cost cuts will continue. (Note: Sina Finance million AIDS Chinese owns Oreo, Youguan, interesting, fun, peace, joy, and Prince yikoulian, s, Xuan Mai, Maxwell Tang coffee and other brands.) According to the company’s earnings report, billion in the fourth quarter of 2015 revenue fell 17% to 7 billion 360 million U.S. dollars, although there is a decline, but higher than the previous expected $7 billion 270 million. Among them, the adverse exchange rate fluctuations led to a decrease of 11 percentage points in revenue. Subregionally, the fourth quarter of last year, only Latin American and North American market million AIDS operating income of the 1.5% and 2.1% rose, and three in the Asia Pacific region, Europe and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa regions showed revenues fell year-on-year decline of 5.5%, including the emergence Chinese market, Asia Pacific area. Last year, the market news in China continued, because of the product line adjustment, there has been layoffs in the Chinese market behavior. The explanation of this action is that the company is optimizing and adjusting the business model so as to better invest the resources in brand growth and meet the needs of consumers. In the adjustment of products also can see million AIDS being put into action, for example, in July the introduction of chewing gum brand "global well-known Trident China in Qing Dynasty to" market positioning, through differentiation to create second step Hyun; in addition, in September last year launched in the market China breakfast cake baking, the Nuggets China breakfast market. "Million AIDS good category has lost the strong growth momentum in the China market, in addition to the fierce competition between brands, can replace the products constantly, also influence the consumers for the biscuit product favorability, had also to Zi million star brand Oreo and I love my under stimulates investment, but little effect, so the million AIDS shifted to the growth potential of the chewing gum, breakfast cake and other fields." An unnamed industry analyst said. "Downsizing" and "plate adjustment" implemented in China and other markets have begun to show effect. The company’s earnings also revealed that in 2015 from the perspective of the whole year, net profit reached $7 billion 267 million, million, up 232.7% over the same period last year, million AIDS said this, despite the sharp fluctuations in the macroeconomic environment, the company’s performance in 2015 but still ten strong measures to reduce costs has played a certain effect. Based on the above "downsizing" effect, the unnamed analysts said that in 2016, the business adjustment plan will continue, the big action in the Chinese market still can be discussed

亿滋关厂裁员仍亏损 旗下拥有奥利奥趣多多等品牌   关厂裁员徒劳 亿滋2015年四季度仍亏损   北京商报讯(记者 钱瑜 阿茹汗)食品巨头亿滋过去一年的日子并不好过。日前该公司公布的去年四季度财报显示,亿滋2015年四季度亏损7.29亿美元,与上年同期盈利5亿美元相比,下滑幅度达到了245.8%,为挽回亏损,亿滋的成本削减计划还将继续。(新浪财经注:亿滋中国旗下拥有奥利奥、趣多多、优冠、闲趣、王子、太平、乐之、怡口莲、荷氏、炫迈、麦斯威尔咖啡和菓珍等多个品牌。)   根据该公司的财报,亿滋2015年四季度的营业收入下滑17%至73.6亿美元,虽有下滑,但是高于此前预期的72.7亿美元。其中,不利的汇率波动导致营收下降11个百分点。分区域来看,去年四季度只有拉丁美洲和北美的市场亿滋的营业收入出现了1.5%和2.1%的同比上涨,而亚太地区、欧洲以及东欧、中东和非洲三个大区域均出现了营收的同比下滑,其中包括中国市场在内的亚太地区出现同比5.5%的下滑。   去年亿滋在中国市场新闻不断,由于对于产品线进行调整,出现了对中国市场裁员的行为。亿滋对于这一动作的解释是,该公司正在进行业务模式的优化和调整,以更好地将资源投资于品牌增长和满足消费者的需求。   在产品调整方面也能够看出亿滋正在付诸行动,例如于7月在中国市场引进全球知名的口香糖品牌“Trident清至”,通过差异化的定位来创造第二个炫迈;另外,去年9月在中国市场推出烘焙早餐饼,以此掘金中国的早餐市场。“亿滋所擅长的饼干品类在中国市场已经失去强劲的增长动力,除了品牌之间的激烈竞争之外,可代替产品的不断出现,也影响了消费者对于饼干类产品的好感度,此前亿滋也对旗下明星品牌奥利奥和趣多多进行过刺激性投资,但是效果甚微,因此亿滋将重心转移到了增长潜力较大的口香糖、早餐饼等其他领域。”某不具名行业分析师如是表示。   亿滋在中国等市场实施的“瘦身”以及板块调整计划已开始显现出效果。该公司的财报也进一步显示,从全年角度来看,2015年,亿滋的净利润达到72.67亿美元,比去年同期上升了232.7%,亿滋方面对此表示,尽管宏观经济环境剧烈波动,但是2015年该公司的业绩仍然十分强劲,降低成本的措施已经起到了一定效果。   基于上述“瘦身”效果,上述不具名分析人士表示,2016年亿滋的业务板块调整计划也将持续,中国市场上的大动作仍然可期,例如会将国外市场成熟度高的产品继续引进中国市场,并会继续弱化在中国市场表现不佳的产品线。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: