The Congress does not accept to appease quite the king sent fire Wang Jinping proposal – Beijing meyou

To appease the Kuomintang " quite the king sent " Congress not to accept the proposal to expel Wang Jinping Beijing – Taiwan network August 24th news China China Kuomintang party brewing overseas in September 4th at the nineteenth session of the fourth meeting of the Convention in expulsion before the "Legislative Yuan", regardless of current district legislator Wang Jinping. Party "very faction" in Jiang Shuoping, Lv Xuezhang, Hou Caifeng, member of the Standing Committee today (24 days) in the afternoon will focus firepower shelling party split. Presiding over the KMT chief vice chairman Zhan Qixian said that this proposal is determined with the provisions of the Constitution does not match, and discipline personnel case procedures are also inconsistent, even if the party put forward, Congress will not be accepted. According to the rating agency reported that the KMT Central Standing Committee held in the afternoon, Party chairman Hong Xiuzhu for the August 27th Hualian mayor election campaigning for Hualian, presided over by Zhan Qixian often. Many in the Standing Committee at the meeting to discuss matters to attend to, among them "quite faction" is for the Standing Committee before the overseas party proposal to expel Wang Jinping rumors concentrated fire fire. The former Kaohsiung legislator Hou Caifeng took the lead, the liquidation of Wang Jinping refers to fundamentally unfair, "Legislative Yuan" adverse party consultation, 2014 anti suit trade movement sun flower account is not in the head of Wang Jinping, the KMT should not happen to your friends and gladden your enemies. The former Hsinchu City legislator Lv Xuezhang said the dismissal of Wang Jinping is a beautiful mistake, because the current United all too late, how to split. He said that cross-strait trade agreements can not pass, there are two reasons, one is the administrative department that is not clear about not understand, two is the Legislative Yuan caucus was signed by the green camp cheat treaty, the reference to subsequent review, a series of events. Taiwan Industry Association consultant Jiang Shuoping Wang Jinping affirmed in the "general election" during the campaigning around the money, Hong Xiuzhu and vice president Hao Longbin should be advised not to overseas party proposal, making your friends and gladden your enemies. Zhan Qixian listened to the speech’s faction "in the Standing Committee said that although the party still has the right to petition the temporary proposal, the scene at the Convention, but the provisions of the Constitution and discipline personnel treatment program is completely inconsistent, and the case of the party’s image and unity are not positive influence, now is the party unite to face the future therefore, Congress will not be accepted. According to Taiwan media reported earlier, signed a proposal demanded the expulsion of legislators Wang Jinping party Kuomintang party Chen Jiliang, intends to overseas and proposed to vote, decide the proposal. This news, not only caused controversy within the Kuomintang, more pro Island Green media trumpeted: inside the Kuomintang people cannot accept the king, expelled from the party voice never stops, the DPP is regarded as an important asset for Taiwan. In the face of always hard to please the deep blue, Wang Jinping is better to focus on the dedication of Taiwan with a higher degree of difficulty in the party’s ability and strength to continue to flourish in politics. Green media claimed that Cai Yingwen and Wang Jinping have a rare basis of trust between the blue and green, Wang Ke became an important driving force in the Strait of cross-strait relations after the arrest of the authorities took office, so I hope to be able to enter the system to help Wang Cai authorities. However, Taiwan media reported the latest tonight.相关的主题文章: