The day of the kidnapping mission, released today to restore the real brain burning kidnapping –

"Shaking kidnapping group" to restore the true burning brain today released the kidnapping – Entertainment Sohu "shaking kidnapping group" Hopki and Sam – Worthington today released wits Sohu entertainment news by Anthony – Hopki, Sam – Worthington, Jim – Sturgis, Ryan kwanten, Mark van West, Jemima Evans many Hollywood stars starred in the crime drama strength action movie "shaking kidnapping group" will be released in theaters nationwide today. The film with a real kidnapping story background, to the hostages and kidnappers battle as the main line, leading the burning brain plot and complex clues, the purest and most real high IQ crime presents to the audience. The real case adaptation of superstar portrait of joining the movie "shaking" adaptation of a kidnapped real case shocked the world since 1983, beer beer giant HeineKen founder and President Alfred by a gang of kidnappers orchestrated the kidnapping, extortion and 60 million price ransom for the three week period of hostage career, in order to protect President HeineKen beer and the skillfully, and the strategy and let the police could not find any valuable clues, eventually had to pay the ransom. The case became the world’s most sensational kidnapping, causing global concern. A collection of many Hollywood movie star "shaking kidnapping group" will bring great casting to the audience, starred in "the silence of the lamb", "Hannibal" and other classic movie star Anthony – Hopki, changed his impressive cold, cunning, crazy, bloodthirsty cannibal doctor "image, side a charming man wise, calm, resolute and decisive in the film. Because of the film "Afanda", "gods of war" popular strength star Sam – Worthington, to subvert the cunning criminals. The film starred in the "cloud" star Jim Sturgis, in "shaking kidnapping group" also played the one, but his role is different and the other is hesitant and greedy, the kidnappers, both for family and worry about the future, and not willing to give up to obtain wealth, he has become part of the kidnappers the weakest group. Because of the "red hill", "The True Blood" became the metrosexual man Ryan kwanten in "shaking kidnapping group" as one of the kidnappers, in the film cruel fierce and suspicious, he will show vigorous skill in the movie, focus on "care" — Hopki Anthony, a brilliant dialogue and psychological contest will between two people. The contest of wisdom burning brain storm – Hopki to play Anthony on the wisdom of the president of the beer, spent 1 months of access to a large number of news reports and case files, and deliberately let the family to lock in a claustrophobic darkroom all day looking for inspiration, trying to find the president thought change beer nightmare the hostage career. He played by two horns, constantly self talk, to try to figure out the psychological character, with simple props, to think about how to communicate with the kidnappers to pass the message. In the movie love listen to Baroque music, beer and classical music, he sat at home, locked in the study, Bach’s music.相关的主题文章: