The doctor was drunk into concussion wearing a gown to the emergency

The doctor was drunk into concussion wearing a gown to the emergency rescue of this national holiday, will give Huzhou Changxing County people’s hospital doctor Liu Jianfeng left an indelible memory: 4 am, he was a patient with bleeding, he wearing a white coat lying on the treatment table for the rescue, night’s brain he was wearing a gown of shock emergency rescue with another patient. "No matter what yourself in the state, as long as can save lives, still need to go." Recalled the scene to save themselves, Liu said so. A drunken patient yiyanbuge hit Doctor Liu’s head lying on the bed, Doctor Liu morning. On October 4th at 2:55 in the morning, an emergency room Shao men drink in Changxing County people’s hospital. At that time, 38 year old Liu Jianfeng on duty, ask each other’s history, and what time to drink wine. The results of the man felt he was ridiculed by the doctor, picked up the floor of the anti slip warning board hit Liu Jianfeng’s head. Liu Jianfeng immediately fainted in the ground, blood dc. "I was also a bit stupid, did not think the patient will suddenly hit the shot." Liu Jianfeng, who has been a doctor for more than 10 years, said that he had seen a lot of medical news before. Later, the man wanted to flee, the hospital was soon stopped by security personnel and other families of patients, it was reported to the police. After the rescue, Liu Jianfeng head was sewn 9 needles, a concussion and tear the head. The night heard the emergency patient doctor Liu wearing a gown went to rescue about 10:40 that night, Liu Jianfeng was lying on the bed to sleep in general, suddenly heard outside came the rapid cries for help. "It’s like a ward next door. I got up right away." Liu Jianfeng is wearing a gown wearing hoods, quickly moving the feet into the next room. "At that time, the patient was pale and had no breath." Liu Jianfeng immediately on the patient chest compressions, cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Emergency department doctor Zhang Ye, rushed to the ICU doctor Qi Xiaorong immediately into the rescue. Five minutes later, the patient’s heartbeat, breathing began to recover, the situation has been effectively alleviated. At this time, has been busy doing chest compressions of Liu Jianfeng, has been sweating, soaked to the skin. Subsequently, the patient was transferred to the ICU emergency treatment, has been through, with stable vital signs. The nurse on duty Ding Fenghua said, "thanks to Dr. Liu first time came to help rescue, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable, very touched!" You know, Liu Jianfeng was a concussion, head trauma patient. Liu Jianfeng said, patients after successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation, he all collapsed, sweat but I feel very excited. "When I heard the next door to save the patient, I participated in, out of a doctor’s instinct." After that, he lay back in bed again, just feel the head began to ache. Wounded Doctor Liu drunk has been the public security detention for ten days on this day of experience, Liu Jianfeng said there is a taste, "it is quite unexpected, wearing a white coat lying in the morning to accept treatment table, night wearing a gown standing in the bed and to participate in the rescue command." But he said that although he had experienced this, but he also knew that the shot.相关的主题文章: