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The electric door prohibits consisting of teachers and students is not new – in the newspaper news (reporter Ren Min) Peking University last month issued new regulations for electric vehicles, the electric bicycle for non motor vehicles pass before entering. Yesterday the new regulations implemented, unlicensed vehicles are prohibited from entering school, a number of delivery vehicles have been shut out. From December 1st onwards, Beijing University Teachers and students, such as undocumented can not ride electric vehicles in school. It is understood that the current entry of electric bicycle is mainly outside the north room, water supply, delivery vehicles, and electric tricycle is mainly courier. To express, the university campus building 34, next to a row of small white house is dedicated to the campus express self advice. There is a small house behind the walls, is to express special channel, the tricycle can import goods, instead of the shuttle on campus, also do not pass. The greatest impact is the delivery of electric vehicles. The Security Department of Peking University statistics show that currently permit for the school of electric bicycle has more than and 20 cars, both teachers and students dining car, there are dozens of people to do their own electric bicycle license. It is understood that the electric bicycle owners to apply for the university campus must first pass to the city traffic control department registration, license for the city of Beijing, then took the license and the relevant information to the North security department for. Yesterday, the reporter asked nearly twenty students and staff room, they said do not permit, the vehicle does not meet the requirements is the main reason they have not yet permit. According to the "Beijing electric bicycle registration requirements," the application for registration of electric bicycles must be included in the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the "electric bicycle manufacturer and product catalog". In general, a pedal connecting seat, vehicle weight of not more than 40 kg, the maximum speed of not more than 20 kilometers of the car to the card. The delivery of electric vehicles and most of the teachers and students in the school are no pedal electric vehicles. A Baidu takeaway delivery staff said, there are few pedal car people buy, because the car wasn’t strong, run faster, and the battery with a short time. In addition, the provisions of external electric vehicles to be in the name of the unit bid for permits, and provide unit business license, the legal representative and the contact, the ride to foreign accounts to provide identity cards, temporary residence permit or residence card. Hungry waiter Chen is very helpless, "now Beijing has closed only temporary residence permit, residence permit, residence permit but recently had to queue up to do so, simply the first run!" Peking University Department of defense recommended teachers and students, the first transfer of their own can not handle excessive electric bicycle. They will also count the number of teachers and students interested in dealing with the vehicle, the company will be invited to focus on school recycling, exchange. Last month, Beijing issued the "notice" standard campus management of electric bicycles, electric cars require school must apply for University non motor vehicle license, the school staff and students each person do a. For October 20, 2016 (inclusive) after the purchase of electric bicycles, in principle, do not apply for permits. The new rules lead to students has become a hot topic in the related disputes, on north side of BBS. Many foreign students and graduate students living outside the school said that the hostel is far from the school, there is no electricity相关的主题文章: