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The famous Poland director Andre Vajda died at the age of 90 – Sohu entertainment famous Poland director Andre – Entertainment News (the Sohu Vajda died in Da Zi) film in the history of Poland’s greatest director of Andre Vajda, died on September 9th, aged 90. Andre Vajda this year just finished filming the biopic "like" on behalf of the Poland has been disabled, sending Oscar this year for best foreign language film, the film shows the evergreen tree of extraordinary strength. Andre Vajda, early in the 50 century, in 60s made a "generation" and "sewer", "ashes and diamonds" and other masterpieces, known as the "war trilogy", "constrained land" won the Oscar nomination for best foreign language film, 1981’s "Iron Man" that he embarked on a career the peak, won the Cannes International Film Festival’s top prize palm award. Wajda served as chairman of Poland Film Association, is one of the founder of the Poland film school ", his works have been recognized as the blending of romanticism and naturalism crystallization, the representative of" people "," marble without anesthesia "," German love "and other films. Wajda is the three major European Film Festival favourite, was eight times for the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, the "Katyn" caused a sensation in Berlin, reached the eightieth Oscar for best foreign language film. The following year, low-key "sweet impulse", won the fifty-ninth Berlin Film Festival al Fred prize. Wajda won the silver medal in the Berlin Film Festival in 2006, and won the Golden Bear Award for his lifetime honor in 1996. In 2000, Oscar Vajda won the lifetime achievement award.相关的主题文章: