The final round of new cotton market warming hot storage drive superrecovery

The final round of new cotton market heating storage hot led Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! This week the ICE period cotton highs, slightly lower than the overall center of gravity, Thursday December the main contract closed at 67.51 cents a pound, or 4.2 cents a pound or 5.86% week this week, Zheng cotton trend down, the higher center of gravity, the main contract closed at 15105 yuan Thursday 1701 tons, up 165 yuan or 1.1% tons a week rose sharply; this week, the domestic cotton price index on Friday, 3128B grade was 14866 yuan per ton, up 543 yuan or 3.7% tons a week; this week imported cotton price index fell Thursday, the FCindexM index was 79.25 cents a week fell 2.75 cents, folding sliding tax of 14924 yuan per ton, down 295 yuan week tons. The state reserve cotton round out into the end, because of the domestic new cotton market overall time delay, the domestic textile enterprises to increase replenishment stocking efforts, round storage auction staged last crazy week, auction 100%, and the average transaction price will again go up, Zheng cotton boosted by strong once rushed to the nearly two month high of 15500 yuan per ton after the shock callback. Week nucotn domestic major cotton producing areas to accelerate the pace of listing, the overall operation of the mainland cotton purchase market is relatively stable, rising cotton acquisition processing and sales in Xinjiang, weeks in southern area of seed cotton purchase price was a strong rise, but as the weekend by the lint price upside down, increase local ginning factory wait-and-see situation, market acquisitions slowed down again. The details are as follows: first, the cotton market, cotton picking and review of the 1 areas listed this week in South Xinjiang cotton picking in the 30-40%, and more in 50%, cotton ginning factory has been more generally enjoys both the amount of the date of acquisition of 20-30 million kg range, the price of cotton is rising, the cotton ginning factory be taken by surprise. By the weekend, southern Akesu, Korla and other Southern cotton seed cotton purchase price to 7.4-7.5 yuan (40% kg lint), individual manufacturers actually received 7.8 yuan highest kg, compared with the previous week’s price rose 0.90 yuan a kilo. Rise of the purchase price, so many ginning factories acquisition work again stalled. It is reported that in the price of cotton rose mainly for the following reasons: one is the reserve cotton round out the end of the panic, the end of cotton reserves for several days of all transactions, textile enterprises, traders rely on cotton reserves, causing the market to worry about the future supply of common cotton; two Zheng cotton futures rose rapidly, to the cotton market the very price of confidence; three is due to cotton market late, cotton reserves after the end of the market supply of cotton or a short "window period"; the four is this year Xinjiang labor shortage, the rising cost of works of picking flower picking up from the mainland, the increase in the farmers of cotton is expected to enhance the bullishness. At present, the domestic textile and apparel market is still in the doldrums, cotton yarn prices are weak sales, the majority of textile enterprises, said that if the spot price of cotton exceeded 16000 yuan per ton, textile enterprises will not pay. However, from the current point of view, in addition to the southern area of the overall market相关的主题文章: