The first batch of Russian t-14 tanks receiving or collocation of UAV infested battlefield tsumori chisato

The first batch of Russian T-14 tanks: receiving or collocation of UAV transverse battlefield foreign media reports, the Russian Defense Ministry signed an order of more than and 100 pieces of T-14 Amata MBT agreement, one of the first batch of tanks have been delivered for testing. According to Russia today television reported on 26 September, according to the Ministry of national defense and Russia’s main tank manufacturer T-14, Amata MBT Ural locomotive equipment factory signed the deal, delivery of the first T-14 will be fully tested in simulated combat environment. Russian news agency quoted Deputy Minister of defense Yuri, 29, ·, as saying: "we have a contract involving the use of the test machine, more than and 100." The announcement was made at a military forum called "-2016" in the outskirts of moscow. Officials have yet to disclose the exact cost of the deal. The Russian army to provide initial plan T-14 MBT project is extended to 2020, but according to the Ural locomotive equipment factory director Oleg · SAST said the project now plans to continue until 2025. The Russian military estimates it needs 2300 a representative of today’s most advanced level T-14 Amata tanks. T-14 debuted on the Victory Day parade in Moscow in April 29, 2015, but its rotating turret was obscured. It was officially unveiled on May 9th, a true victory day parade. The main advantage of T-14 is its unmanned turret as well as providing an external view of the HD camera. It can move up to 90 kilometers per hour speed of moving distance per hour than in the United States "Abrams M1A2 main battle tank more than 20 kilometers. T-14 is currently equipped with a 125 mm gun, the model will be equipped with artillery will be about 152 mm. Engineers from the Russian military and Ural locomotive equipment plant also pledged to transform T-14 into a fully automated system. With only one remote controller can control the T-14 Amata tanks on the battlefield action. In April this year, SAST said: "no one ‘Amata’ in the future will be realized, we have no doubt. We and the military believe this." In other plans for the future of T-14, the producers intend to provide him with a UAV, which is to make it a decisive advantage on the battlefield. Amata chassis can also serve as a platform for other types of armored vehicles, such as artillery and infantry fighting vehicles. (compile Long Jun)相关的主题文章: